Watercolor circle portrait badges
This is an order form for Abandon Ambition's watercolor circle portrait badges. Thank you for your interest!


These are portrait badges done in black india ink and watercolor, framed within a circle. The circle is 6.5 cm in diameter, and the character's head mostly fits within that frame, with ears/hair popping outside of it. The background is filled with shiny metallic paint.

You can choose headshot, or head + paws (the paws will dangle outside of the circle frame).


These badges are 60€ (~$65USD) for portrait only, or 70€ (~$76) to include the paws dangling out (if you'd like to replace paws with something like tail, scarf, fabulously long hair, etc. just send me a message at email@abandonambition.com).


⭐️ The badge itself
⭐️ A hi-res scan of your badge before lamination, emailed to you
⭐️ Lamination
⭐️ Badge clip

Plus: Free pick-up at Eurofurence, or paid shipping to you


1) Complete the form below.
2) I'll send you a PayPal invoice.
3) Once you pay the invoice, I'll get started on your order. I aim to complete your badge within 3 weeks of receiving full payment.
Latest Examples (Teyo in copper, Deeryeen & Sage in gold, Berneri in bronze, Kanrei in silver)
More examples! Scrappy with bronze and Dayson with silver.
Shiny metallic background paint!
😺 About your BADGE
Which type of BADGE STYLE do you want? *
What's your character's name? (To be written on the badge!) *
Please ⚠️CHECK YOUR SPELLING!!!⚠️ I will write this name on the badge exactly as you've written it here. If you make a typo, your typo will forever be on your badge and I cannot make any changes or edits after it's done. If your character's name is more than 8 letters long, please include an acceptable nickname (e.g. "WOLFY MCWOLF-FACE, nickname: WOLFY").
Link to your ref sheet *
Please share a link to your ref sheet (you can use DropBox, Google Drive, etc. if you need somewhere to upload it).
Link to any other ref images (Optional)
If you have any other images of your character, or photos of animals that represent your character well, please share those here.
What kind of THEME/EXPRESSION do you want? *
Let ME decide how to draw your character, or click "OTHER" to describe what expression you'd like your character to have. I do really well with neutral, angry, bored, weird, distressed, morose, and similar expressions, and a bit less well with cute, "UwU" and similar expressions.
What color BACKGROUND do you want? *
I have shiny metallic acrylic paints to fill the background with! Let ME decide for you or pick a color you'd like.
🙋 About YOU
What is your full real name? *
I need this to write a proper invoice to send via PayPal. I will never share this anywhere else. You can review my full privacy policy at https://abandonambition.com/#privacy
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I need this to write a proper invoice to send via PayPal, and to ship your badge to you if you choose shipping. I will never share this anywhere else. You can review my full privacy policy at https://abandonambition.com/#privacy
🛒 About your ORDER
Are you a patron of mine on Patreon? *
Patrons of mine get 10% off my commissions and shop orders! You can join my Patreon at https://patreon.com/abandonambition for just $2 a month or $20 for the whole year to support my work and get a discount. If you're a patron, click on "Yes" below, then enter the email associated with your Patreon pledge in the next question.
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Shipping or delivery *
I will have a dealer's table at EUROFURENCE this year where I'll be happy to bring your badge for pickup for free. If you'd prefer to have your badge shipped to you, choose "Shipped to you" below. UPDATE: I am now closed for pick-up at Anthrocon! You can choose pickup at Eurofurence or Shipping only! Thanks!
Agree to pick-up/shipping terms *
If you've requested to PICK UP your badge at Eurofurence, you agree to pay shipping costs if you do not show up to my table during Dealer's Den open hours. If I can't attend for some reason, I will ship to you for free on my fault. If you've requested to have your badge SHIPPED to you, I will ship it to the address you entered at the beginning of this form. I will send you a tracking code to the email you entered at the beginning of this form. Shipping may take as long as 2 months due to Covid/international shipping delays (but most things I ship arrive at their destination within 2 weeks).
Agree to commission TOS *
By ordering a commission from me and completing the first or full payment, you agree to my Terms of Service as outlined at https://abandonambition.com/#tos including the fact that you are at least 18 years of age or older and this badge commission does not include WIP previews or edit requests.
Thanks so much for all those details! Here's what happens next
Thanks for ordering one of my badges! Here's what happens next:

1) I'll review your order

2) When approved, I'll send you a PayPal invoice (it'll come from frpaypal@zelaphas.com)

3) You'll pay the full PayPal invoice

4) I'll add you to my work queue and finish your badge (max 3 weeks)

5) If you've requested shipping, I'll ship your badge. Otherwise I'll keep it with me until Anthrocon or Eurofurence!

Sound good? Now, 🔻🔻🔻CLICK SUBMIT BELOW🔻🔻🔻 to submit your order! Thanks again!
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