Bursary Renewal Form
Please complete this form if you received a bursary during the school year prior to the year of bursary application and you have not had any material changes to your family finances. To be eligible for continuity of your bursary, please ensure completion of this form prior to the bursary review date communicated on the school calendar.

Successful receipt of the financial aid will be communicated via a letter after the bursary committee has reviewed all bursary applications and has made allocation decisions during the third week of February.
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What is your name? *
What is the name of your child or children for whom you received financial aid during the current school year? *
Are all of the children listed above registered to return to The Study Academy for the school year of the current bursary application (please choose the response that best reflects your current registration status)? *
If you selected any of the final three options in the previous question, please describe the enrolment status of the student(s).
What is the total value of financial aid received during the current school year? *
In entering your initials below, you are ensuring that no material changes have occurred to you and your family's finances since your last bursary application. *
If material changes to your finances have occurred, please start a new application at Apple Financial.
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