CS247 Spring 2018 - Class Application
To ensure high-quality studios, we can only fit sixty students into CS 247 this quarter. This application is required to get into the course this quarter --- it will be offered again in the spring. This application is due at noon on Tuesday 4/3; submissions after this time will be included on the waitlist.
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If a Computer Science or Symbolic Systems major, are you in the HCI track?
Is CS247 required in order for you to graduate? *
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Which of the following studios can you attend? Please rank. *
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I cannot attend this studio
Studio A: Julie Stanford (Mon+Wed 3:00–4:20pm, 160-120)
Studio B: Maneesh Agrawala (Mon+Wed 3:00–4:20pm, 160-120)
Studio C: Christina Wodtke (Tue+Thu 1:30-2:50pm, McMurtry Building rm 360)
Please self-assess your skills in each of the following areas. *
1. I have not done this before.
2. I have tinkered a bit.
3. I have completed a class or non-trivial project.
4. I have completed multiple, substantial projects.
5. I am prepared to do professional-quality work.
Design Process (need-finding, brainstorming, ideation, rapid prototyping)
Graphic Design (page layout, typography, color, iconography)
UI Development (UI toolkits)
Interface Development (server and client-side technologies, mobile app development)
Interface Evaluation (user studies, quantitative and/or qualitative data analysis)
Feel free to elaborate on your ratings above or describe additional skills or background (e.g., performance, art, machine learning, etc) that you believe could contribute to the class.
Optional. Your response should not exceed a single paragraph (4-5 sentences).
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In 1-2 sentences, describe a favorite user-facing application that you’ve created in the past. *
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Please write a haiku explaining why you’d like to take this class. *
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