Choy Division 2022 CSA Membership Agreement// 社区支持农业 (CSA) 会员资格申请
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Choy Division east Asian vegetable CSA this year!  If you have any questions, please email us at

You can learn more about the farm and its practices at

感谢您有兴趣今年成为Choy Division东亚蔬菜 CSA 的会员! 如有任何疑问,请发送电子邮件至

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Would you like a spicy or mild share? / 您要辣还是微辣? *
INSTALLMENT PLAN TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please note that the membership is for the entirety of the 10 or 20 weeks and there is no option for termination during the season.  If you choose to terminate during the season, you are obligated to make the remainder of the payments, or we ask that you find someone who can take your place.  If there are pressing circumstances that do not allow you to continue with the CSA, please contact us directly.  As a small business, a mid-season cancellation would greatly affect our operations, and we thank you in advance for your understanding. // 分期付款的条款和条件:请注意,会员资格为期整10或20周,在该季节没有终止的选择。 如果您选择在本赛季终止,则您有义务支付其余的款项,或者我们要求您找到可以代替您的人。 如果有紧急情况不允许您继续使用CSA,请直接与我们联系。 作为一家小型企业,旺季取消会极大地影响我们的运营,我们在此先感谢您的理解 *
Is the produce grown and provided by Choy Division culturally relevant to you or your household's ancestral or culinary traditions? Applicants for whom this produce has cultural significance will be prioritized, in the event there is more interest than shares available.  // 我们的农场生产的亚洲蔬菜CSA產品与您/您家庭习惯的/祖傳的传统烹饪文化上相关吗? 如果申请人数量超过可购买的CSA股份数量,但申请人数實发现我们的产品符合他们的文化需求而且在獲取文化上相關的食物遇到困難者將被優先考慮 *
FARMER & MEMBER AGREEMENT:  You acknowledge that you are signing up to pick up a fresh box of 6-8 vegetables and herbs, once a week for 10 or 20 weeks, from a location of your choosing.  1) If you are unable to pick up your share, it may be passed on to a friend or family member.  At this time, we are unable to offer "doubling up" of subsequent shares or a monetary refund. 2) If you are able, please provide notice that you cannot pick up and the share will be donated.  3) All crops are grown on a small scale farm using regenerative agricultural practices without any sprays or pesticides (including any organic ones).  Variations in quantity and  appearance may occur due to pest damage and weather events.  Part of the joy of the CSA is taking part in the risk sharing aspect of the farm.  In difficult times, shares may be leaner than expected. Conversely, if the farm has a bountiful year, you will reap the rewards!  4) As a member, you are helping to shift our food system to be more equitable and sustainable, for both the planet, the farmers, and the consumers! Our promise to you is to provide you with the highest quality locally grown east Asian produce we can grow, with a variety that is representative of a number of cultures.  We will update you with weekly emails with cooking ideas and what is happening on the farm.  5) Due to the small scale nature of our farm, we will source certain items from other local trusted farmer friends.  We can guarantee that these items are grown with the same care and attention.  Thank you for being part of our farm and we look forward to an amazing season together! // 会员和农民协议: 确认您已注册领取地点,从您选择的位置每周一次,持续10周或20周, 每次有6-10种新鲜包装的蔬菜和草药。1)如果您无法提取自己的部分,则可能会被送至朋友或家人。目前,我们无法提供“加倍”的后续份额或退款。 2)如果条件允许,请告知您无法提货,并将捐赠该份额。 3)所有农作物都采用再生农业作法在小规模农场上种植,没有使用任何喷雾剂或农药(包括任何有机农药)。由于虫害和恶劣天气,蔬菜的数量和外观可能会发生变化。 CSA的部分乐趣在于参与了农场的风险分担。在困难时期,份额可能比预期的要精简。相反,如果农场有丰收的一年,您将获得丰厚的回报! 4)作为会员,您正在帮助改变我们的食品体系,使之更加公平和可持续,造福于地球、农民和消费者!我们对您的承诺是为您提供我们可以种植的最高质量的本地种植的东亚产品,其代表了多种文化。我们将每周通过电子邮件向您更新有关烹饪的想法以及农场中发生的事情。 5)由于我们农场的规模小,我们将从其他当地值得信赖的农民朋友那里采购某些作物。我们可以保证这些作物在同等细致的照料的情况下生长。感谢您成为我们农场的一员,让我们共同期待一个美好的季节! *
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