Do You Need to Stop Sucking? (asked in 12 medium-sized questions)
Thank you very much for taking this survey. I'll use the results to craft tools and courses that help you Stop Sucking so you can focus on what's most important to you. If you don't already know about my attention management tools, please check out

Please be assured, responses are anonymous unless you tell me your name. Either way I'll keep them private.

This is about identifying barriers to your crafting a fulfilling life. Don't let your incompetencies get you down. I use the word "suck" 30 times throughout this survey. I suck at a lot of things, and most of them don't matter. Sucking at something doesn't in itself suck. What sucks is when sucking at something sucks your energy and attention from the important stuff. Once you identify things to stop sucking at, you can make a goal to get just barely good enough that it doesn't get in the way of important stuff any more.

Usually the best solution is to just stop doing it. Stop hanging out with people who make you feel bad, stop attending mediocre meetings, just stop doing everything that doesn't make your life better, like TV. TV sucks.

Still, there are some things that must be done in order to get on with the stuff that's really important. Most people would find the activities listed below important enough that they need to do them, at the very least, well enough. Decide for yourself where the barriers are.

NOTE: There's a nice surprise at the end, but you have to go through the whole survey to really feel it.

1. Before the sucking part, complete this sentence: This year I really want to ...
(To get you in the right mindset for the rest of this survey, think of 1-3 things you absolutely know you really, really want to do very well over the next 12 months. You don't want sucking at something else to get in the way of these things.)
Your answer
Now the sucking part.
Please understand that there is no judgement from me or anyone about what you suck at. It may be that sucking at something is actually okay. In fact, it may be the best you can do, so mark those items "good enough." What we want to identify are the things that:

1. We know we can improve with some help and determination.
2. We suck so bad it gets in the way of what's most important to us.

2. Is there something you do terribly, fairly regularly? How can you tell?
3. In general, what do you suck at the most?
4. Money: Are you good enough?
I'm good enough
Sucking at it really gets in my way.
Paying down debt.
Understanding my expenses.
Spending less than I bring in.
Saving for planned expenses.
Saving ahead for surprise expenses.
Spending money wisely.
Feeling like I have enough money.
Feeling generous.
Giving to people in need.
Planning for future financial needs.
5. Vitality: Are you good enough?
I'm good enough
Sucking at it really gets in my way.
Eating good food.
Managing stress.
Visiting nature.
Sleeping restfully.
Responding to change without freaking out.
Being curious about the world.
Exercising regularly.
Taking care of my precious body.
Having lots of energy when I need it.
Feeling peaceful.
Playing hard.
Keeping things and yourself clean and tidy.
6. Love: Are you good enough?
I'm good enough
Sucking at it really gets in my way.
Helping other people.
Understanding other people.
Being independent.
Managing my lonliness.
Having good sex.
Sharing intimately with someone.
Communicating my needs.
Feeling supported by others.
Having reliable friends.
Being reliable.
7. Planning: Are you good enough?
I'm good enough
Sucking at it really gets in my way.
Prioritizing plans for the week.
Prioritizing what to do in a day.
Managing email.
Making progress on important goals.
Feeling purpose.
Setting realistic goals.
Finding Flow- losing myself doing something I care about.
Getting unstuck.
Knowing how to focus.
Saying no to things that are less important.
Making good decisions.
8. Creativity: Are you good enough?
I'm good enough
Sucking at it really gets in my way.
Getting down to doing creative work.
Working at something I'm passionate about.
Putting off distractions.
Getting your work in front of respected people for feedback.
Understanding the value of your work.
Interacting intensely with colleagues.
Finding Flow- losing yourself doing something you care about.
Getting unstuck.
Knowing how to focus.
Playing hard.
Enjoying mistakes and failures.
9. Did we miss something? What else do you suck at that regularly gets in your way?
Your answer
Now that you know where you suck.
We all do a lot of stuff. Imagine five approaches to everything you do in descending order of how much attention you will give them:

- Kick Ass.
- Grow a Little.
- Stop Sucking, so you can ...
- Stop Sweating.
- Stop.

In the land of Pilot Fire, we're trying to learn and grow a little with most of the things we do and maybe kick ass at one or two. To do that we need to also stop sucking or just stop doing the stuff that gets in our way.

It's not easy. Prioritizing is very important. You can't be good at everything.

I'm making tools to help us all do that so let me know what's really really important to you and how I can help.

There are just three more questions. The next two are the most important.

10. Out all these things, what is the ONE THING that, if you could stop sucking at, would make the biggest difference in your life?
Your answer
11. Is there one thing you know you want to do almost more than anything else? Sometime worth setting other things aside to do?
Please be specific. Travel to Morocco? Juggle for the Circus? Live next to nature? Teach physics?
Your answer
The Bottom Line.
Surprise. Your answers to questions 10 and 11 are your revelations. Ignore everything else and focus on those two things. You said it yourself: the most important things for me. And my most important barrier to overcome.

Write them down. Make a plan to take them on. Set most other things aside.

Then, finish this last question and click Submit.

12. Some feedback please. This survey makes me feel...
If you'd like me to follow up with you, please let me know your name and email and any questions you might have. I'd love to hear from you.
Your answer
Click Submit, and thank you very very much.
Please make sure to click the Submit button below or none of your answers will be saved. My website Pilot Fire is dedicated to helping you take control of your life and doing something that really matters. There are tools and inspiration throughout. I hope you'll visit and sign up for updates.

-David Delp

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