Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project- Cohort 5
Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project is implemented by the Soronko Academy and sponsored by the Rotary International, Rotary Club of Limburgerhof/Voderpflaz and Rotary Club of Accra-Airport, To qualify you must demonstrate financial need and have your highest educational qualification as completed SHS and not in university
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5). Which Area do you live *
6). What is your highest Educational Qualification *
7). If you have completed SHS and not in university/tertiary institution before COVID-19, please tell us why (Select all that apply)
8). Are you currently
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9). Below is a list of agencies.  Please select any who are providing you and your family with help
10). What is you IT skill level ?
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11). What devices do you and your family have access to at home. Please tick all that apply
12). An average coding and digital skills training costs GHS 1000. How much can you afford to pay for the training?
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13). If selected for the training program, you will be trained for free through a scholarship from Rotary. Please let us know why you should be selected for this scholarship.
14). Why would like to take part in the Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project.
15). What are your expectations from being part of this training program
How did you hear of this opportunity
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