Summer Supervisor/Student Advisor Pre-Interview Questions
Please complete this brief questionnaire before your interview as well as any other items on the welcome page for RHS applicants!
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Pre-interview Questions
Please answer both of the following questions to the best of your ability in 200 words or fewer. You will be asked about your answers to these questions during your interview.
1) Simon, an 18 year old Bridge student has a strong romantic interest in a Student Advisor who is 20 years old. The Student Advisor is fully aware of Simon’s feelings and has a similar interest in him. When is the appropriate time for the Student Advisor to pursue a relationship with Simon? Please explain your answer. *
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2) Upward Bound students are not allowed to have wheels (cars, bicycles, roller blades, skate boards, etc.) on campus for the duration of the summer program. You are Avery’s Student Advisor. On move-in day, Avery and his mother talk to you about his problems with asthma. Both mother and student have expressed concern about Avery walking back and forth across campus to meals and classes during the summer in fear that his condition might be aggravated. One morning, during patrols, you see Avery rollerblading to breakfast. How do you respond to this situation? Please explain your answer. *
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