1UpOnCancer Community Manager
Thank you for applying for the Community Manager position!

The volunteer Community Manager position will require a working team of Marketing, Public Relations, and Promotions in order to succeed in cultivating a positive and engaging community online and at official events.


- Oversee all of 1UpOnCancer’s official online social media platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord, while maintaining an engaging and positive rapport with the community.

- Work with other managers of 1UpOnCancer to effectively curate content for individual needs.

- Develop and maintain relationships with potential streamers and volunteers.

- Develop and maintain official stream teams for Twitch and Mixer.

- Develop and maintain the street teams initiative.

- Work with volunteers to determine appropriate scheduling for events while communicating with the Events Manager.

- Keep and maintain an active log of volunteers by type and participation.

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