2020 Miss YCHS Contestant Bio
DO NOT use complete sentences! Short answer is best!
Your Name (to be used during the pageant) *
Grade *
What is the name of the person that will act as your Contestant Chaperone, and what is your relationship to this person? *
In your spare time you like to (hobbies)... *
My favorite subject is_________. *
Clubs, sports, and organizations you are involved in at YCHS are... *
Organizations and things you are involved in outside of YCHS are... *
Your most prized possession is (and why).... *
What is your favorite movie (and why)? *
What makes YCHS so special? *
What are you most thankful for? *
What are your plans after high school? (list the college, and/or occupation you plan to pursue at this time) *
If you could travel to any city in the world, where would you go, and why?
Why did you decide to do the pageant? *
12th Grade- Miss YCHS Contestants ONLY! What to you plan to do for your talent? Give an in-depth description of your talent. List song title, costume plan, and tell us if you will require a microphone, or any other equipment.
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