Code of Conduct & Player Expectations
In order to build our community and create a safe and fun place to play, we need to follow some rules. It is NOT ok to grief, revenge grief, use foul language, troll, or upset others in-game. We know who is griefing based on our console activity and protection plugins. Children who do not abide by these rules, will be removed from play. It is up to the discretion of the server owner (Momibelle) if a child is allowed to play, or return to play, on our private education-based servers. Occasionally we ask that a child return to a camp, in order to review and practice our Code of Conduct.
Please click on 'I Agree' for each entry below. If you have any questions, you can email Momibelle at
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My first name is *
My last name is *
My in-game name is *
Add your Minecraft username here (for example: Momibelle). If you are using a guest account, add that name here.
My home phone number is *
My email address is *
If you have your own email address, please add it here! Otherwise pls add a parent email.
I will not grief. *
I will not grief others’ bases even if they look ‘abandoned’. I will not take or slay any non-hostile mobs (animals) within a fenced area because that is another persons base.
I won't take things that are not mine, and not crafted by me. *
I will not take things from chests that do not belong to me and I won’t break blocks crafted and placed by another person, regardless of where it is!
I'll help make our worlds beautiful. *
I understand that it is ‘messy’ to leave floatie trees or place random blocks throughout our worlds. Let’s keep our worlds beautiful!
I won't do destructive things. *
I will not use use TNT, lava OR fire because this causes too much destruction, uses a lot of server RAM, and might even break our worlds!
I will be nice to others and not pester the Admins. *
I will not upset or cause distress for other players in any way. (ABSOLUTELY no trolling!). I won’t ask for things like the /fly command, or special admin privileges.
I won't use 'foul' language in chat. *
I will not swear or use vulgar language in chat. I will also STOP and THINK before I type. Especially if I am feeling a bit upset. I will ask myself: “Is what I am about to ‘say’ going to hurt another MCKId? Then I won’t say it!” I will send Momibelle and in-game /mail and tell her what happened.
I won't spam the chat. *
I will not spam (use letters, words or sentences over and over again in chat) that includes NO CAPS (oops ... no caps, tx!)
Minecraft is 'Mine'craft. *
I will not share my Mojang account information with my friends/siblings. This is kinda important. If one of your friends logs onto one of our private servers, and does not know the Code, your avatar may be banned.
I understand that the servers we play on are private servers. *
I will not share our private server IP addresses with anyone outside of MCKids.
I won't chat about outside public servers. *
I will not invite others to public or other private (including Realms) servers within server chat. (As a safeguard for our fellow gamers, Momibelle cannot be responsible for children playing on outside servers that may or may not have adult support online).
Momibelle asks:
“Do not use client-side mods that give you an unfair advantage such as xRay (ie. seeing diamonds and nothing else) and Too Many Items. However, Optifine is fine!). You are not permitted to build Nether portals. Please do not use a skin that is nude or resembles undergarments or minimal swimsuits. And lastly, absolutely NO hacking, either in-game (and doing things like ‘fly’ in survival) or through accessing our game console.
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Hacking will grant you a lifetime ban from ALL MCKids activities and servers”.
Player Expectations
We expect you to respect each other’s ‘space’ by asking before entering another persons base (if they are not on the server playing DO NOT ENTER). You must leave at-least 30 blocks (metres) between you and another person’s build.
Do you agree to abide by the MCKids Code of Conduct? *
I understand that the consequences of not playing by these rules means I will be excused from play outside of camp on all MCKids servers. No exceptions.
Date *
Please enter today's date. You will only need to fill this form out once.
Camp I am attending. *
Please fill in the date, location and name of the camp that you are attending.
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