WTSS 2019 - Theme Camp Application
Welcome home, beautiful!

If you wish to help make Where The Sheep Sleep amazing again, this is the place to be! Here we go!

Planning a spectacular Theme Camp? Fantastic – please be aware: Theme Camps aren’t just for you & your friends to enjoy, they should offer some form of engagement to the flock of WTSS.

Please keep our 10 Principles in mind, as this is at the core of our community. Also keep in mind that building an amazing Theme Camp doesn't grant you an entrance ticket, because over here everybody is a participant and there's no money involved.

Note: We will supply you with main power for environmental reasons, however we do have to charge you a fee per KW for this.

Our little Playa will open its gates on Thursday June 27th 'till Monday July 1st 2019.

DEADLINES... You must submit this form by Sunday the 9th of June at midnight.

If you don't have all the info yet: no worries, just fill in what you currently know about your theme camp, so that we can reserve the perfect playa spot for you. You can edit the form later on, once your theme camp is approved.

Planning an ART INSTALLATION instead? Please use the 'ART APPLICATION' form for your piece of art.

Fully enjoy, everyone!

Name (Surname) / Playaname *
Which name do you respond to...
Email *
Telephone number *
Theme Camp name + country please *
What main activity is your camp bringing *
Is it a sound camp (amplified sound till 11PM) / do you give workshops or what is it, man! Tell me everything. NOTE: We are getting requests from DJ's, VJ's and general artists which you can choose for placement.
Does your camp have fire pits / flame throwers or basicly anything with fire?
If yes, please make sure to give a crystal clear description.
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