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KTMA offers programs in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kendo. Our classes are appropriate for school age children, teens, and adults and we welcome families to participate together.
Developed by Grandmaster S.W. Lim, 7th Degree Black Belt and former child therapist, each class is a comprehensive study of martial arts that cultivates respect, integrity, courtesy, confidence and discipline.
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For each student registering, please list the names, ages, and belt ranks (if they have participated in taekwondo in the past). Please note that students joining us from other schools will be asked to participate in a placement evaluation. Most students will begin as a First-Level Blue Belt.
Martial Arts schools are included in Phase 2 of the re-opening. According to the guidelines, we can have no more than 5 students on the mat at a time, must maintain social distancing, and will wear masks when possible. With these guidelines in place, I am planning to offer small classes throughout the day and evening. Would you be willing to join our classes once Phase 2 starts?
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Would you be willing to follow the guidelines required for participation? This is likely to include social distancing, parents not allowed in the school, no more than 5 students on the mat at the same time, students cannot change clothes in the school (come wearing uniforms), etc.
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What class time(s) would work best for your family (check all that apply)
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As part of the KTMA family, I want to be sure that you and your family are okay. Have you or your family been affected by COVID-19 in some way? Is there anything I need to know about your health or financial situation or other challenges you are currently facing?
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