"Elevation" Parent Volunteer Form
Thank you for helping! Please let us know where you'd like to assist the choir by completing this form.
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Costume Team
(Sewers & Non-sewers needed). Duty options include: Sewing, pinning, altering, washing, and ironing costumes. Labeling costumes, shoes, etc. Preparing the costumes for each performance.
Crew Dads
Duty options include: Driving the equipment truck to performances & competitions, loading & unloading the truck, helping the crew load heavier items onto the stage.
Show Choir Competition Chaperone
Duty options include: Chaperone competitions. Requires out of town travel.Most competitions are on Fridays, which may require you to miss work. Must be willing to stay late to assist with costumes, meals, travel, etc. Volunteers will be contacted and given chaperone details prior to events to check your availability.
General Chaperone
Duty options include: Chaperone Fall/Spring concert Dress Rehearsals, festivals, and ride the bus with the students. Volunteers will be contacted and given chaperone details prior to events to check your availability.
Celebrations Team
Duty options include: Organizing snacks, drinks, and treats for the students during rehearsals, choreography day, and competitions. We also need parents to donate snacks and drinks.
Fundraising Team
Duty options include: Assist the fundraising chairperson in organizing and implementing various fundraising efforts throughout the year.
Social Media
Duty options include: Attend and photograph various choir events. Post to the choir Instagram and Facebook pages.
Duty options include: Take pictures at rehearsals, concerts, festivals, competitions. This person needs to have a nice camera of their own (not just a cell phone camera).
General Donations
There are general donations the choir needs. Please consider donating the following items.
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