Tour of Nilgiris 2019 - Registration Form
TfN 2019 is designed to provide an amazing cycling experience as well as for cyclists to test, excel and become better. It covers approx 900km over 7 days, and includes climbing, a lot of climbing and of course a lot of downhills . As such, riding the Tour requires ability, fitness and endurance.

While we want our fellow TfN riders to enjoy the Nilgiris, we also want participants who have the physical ability and training to ride and finish the course - it is a cycling tour and best enjoyed on the bike. If someone rides most of the tour on the bus, or has to pull out due to predictable injury, it affects their enjoyment of the tour.

The number of riders is limited to 130 or below. Our attempt is to accommodate 130 but this number could be revised keeping in view inputs from the forest officials as we traverse through some of the most pristine forests in India.

Due to this, the participation on the Tour will be by invitation only - we will consider a variety of reasons including your cycling experience & your reasons for riding the tour, and select those riders who we feel can contribute to, and enhance the experience of TfN. We are NOT necessarily going to pick the most experienced or the most trained cyclists only - variety is the spice of life, and we too want a rich and varied mix of riders of varying experience, interests and backgrounds, reflecting the fact that wide spectrum of people that are united by their love for cycling.

Before beginning your registration process for TfN 2019; please keep the following details handy for easy completion of the form:

- Introduction about yourself (100 words)
- Riding credentials (Strava profile or equivalent if you have)
- Details of your past riding experience in numbers (endurance, previous touring experience, number of 100+km rides)
- Reason of why we should select you for TFN 2019 (100 words or more)
- Contact details
- Medical details

Omitting/ leaving blank/ an 'NA' or "asdf" entry only harms your entry to the tour; please share as much information with us as possible.

We have added the stay option in in different sharing methods and these are Single sharing, Double sharing or Triple Sharing and No Stay. (Single,Double & No sharing options are in limited numbers and would be allotted on FIFO basis).

Tour Dates :

Pre-Tour Briefing 7th December 2019 Saturday
Flag Off 8th December 2019 Sunday
End of the Tour 15th December 2019 Sunday

The Cost of the tour for Riders from India

Rs.39000 for No Stay but with all Meals for 8 days - 15 Slots Available
Rs.55000 for Triple Sharing / Rider All Inclusive
Rs.82000 for Double Sharing / Rider All Inclusive - 30 Slots Available
Rs.110000 for Single Sharing / Rider All Inclusive - 15 Slots Available

The cost includes GST also and Kindly note that we are issuing a GST Invoice for all payments made for registrations.

The tour route is at

Team TFN

Please read the above before your start registering
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