Trinidad Neighborhood Association
Thank you for taking the time to show interest in rebuilding the Trinidad Neighborhood Association (TNA). The TNA was founded in 2009 and recently have been inactive since 2017. This simple survey is a small step to potentially reestablish TNA and continue the good work from what was accomplished in the past.

"TNA is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Corporation, a charity, focused squarely on improving the quality of life in the Trinidad Neighborhood. There is no staff. TNA is made up of neighbors just like you."

Please visit the old website for more information:
Do you think Trinidad needs a community entity to help in the neighborhood's needs? *
What would you want to see in leaders volunteering to maintain something like TNA? *
What issue is most important to you as a resident of Trinidad? *
Would you be interested in joining a Community Townhall ZOOM for Sunday, March 21st at 7PM?
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