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The music event industry has grown exponentially the past decade and it's not planning on slowing down in the upcoming years. If it wasn't for our all star team, Specto would not be where it is today. As our team members bring us value, we want to make sure we return the favor and do the same. Due to high demand on applications, we want to make sure we limit our team to only the best individuals around.

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability.
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If accepted, what skill set do you have to bring to the table as one of our members? (List 5 max) *
Do you believe you have the passion, charisma, and motivation to be one of our members? If so, explain why. *
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What do you believe differs you from everyone else that applies to be a part of Specto Entertainment? (1-2 sentences) *
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What do you think is a good strategy for networking with the scene and selling tickets to shows? *
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