Returning to Worship
Beaminster Area Team June 2020

Please only fill in the form once unless you are also filling it in for other people. We do take all comments on board, you do not need to fill in the form multiple times to get your point across and such duplication will be deleted. Please contact us if you have a particular point to make.
Are you intending to return to worship in church from 5th July? *
If you are intending to worship back in church which church will you return to?
Online worship has been well received. Would you continue to use it if you are unable to return to church at the moment? *
Would you travel to another church within the team for Sunday worship if there is no service in your village? *
Bearing in mind that all worship will feel different with social distancing and no singing, what kind of service would you like to attend. Tick all that apply. *
Would you consider worshipping in church on a weekday instead of a Sunday? *
If you have any concerns about returning to church or how we can keep you safe in church please share them here.
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