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HCCA Community Survey September 2020
Hotwells and Cliftonwood Association Community (HCCA) Survey
The Community Association (CA) was started in the 1970s. The Association was incorporated and became a charity in the mid 1990s. For a map of the CA's area please refer to our website.
The main objective of this survey it to gauge how people within the Hotwells, Cliftonwood and Spike Island areas feel about their community and to identify what can be done to make it a better place to live.
This is in line with our Core task which is: to promote the benefit of all people who live and work in the area of Hotwells and Cliftonwood and its neighbourhood.
By completing this form you will help us to understand what is important and what we should focus on.
PLEASE RETURN PAPER COPIES TO ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PLACES. 16 Granby Hill, BS8 4LT; 22 Ambrose Rd. BS8 4RJ; 18 Oldfield Road BS8 4QQ or 23 Avon Crescent BS1 6XQ


Question 1 : Do you feel part of the Community of Hotwells and Cliftonwood?
Question 2: If you answered yes - what are the main things that make you feel that way?
Question 3: If you answered 'no' to Question 1 - what would make you feel more part of the community?
Question 4: Do you belong to / or follow any residents' or neighbourhood groups?
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Question 5: If you answered 'YES' which are you a member of ? Tick as appropriate
Question 6: Can you imagine using a Community Building if we had one?
Question 7 : If you answered 'Yes' - what would you like to use it for?
Question 8: Do you normally* use any of the available communal spaces/rooms for any form of group meetings in our Churches or local pubs or other spaces? ( *when Covid isn't a problem )
Question 9: If you answered 'yes' please briefly tell us what you use these spaces for
Question 10: Do you read HCCA monthly Bulletin?
Question 11: Do you think that community news and information could be improved?
Question 12: If you answered YES. Give examples of what you would like to see
Question 13: What are the best things for you about the area? Please indicate a maximum of three factors
Question 14:What are the things you like least about the area? Please indicate a maximum of three factors
Question 15: What is the singular most important thing which could be improved in the area?
Question 16: What for you is the one factor what would make the most important difference in Hotwell Road?
Question 17: Do you see the City's proposed plans to develop 'Western Harbour' area as a threat ?
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Question 18: Do you see Western Harbour plans as an opportunity ?
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Question 19 : what for you is the most significant thing about the proposed Western Harbour development ?
Question 20: How do you think the space known as 'The Piazza' could be enhanced for further public use and enjoyment? This space was derelict in the early part of this century. The CA started planning and developing there around 2010. We would like to see more development there as we still have some legacy money left to us to spend on its enhancement. Please tick the two most important for you
Question 21: Please add any other ideas you think would improve the Piazza space
Question 22: Tell us how you use the Piazza space yourself
Question 23: Would you be interested in joining the group of volunteers who help with watering/plant growing and painting or maintaining the space? Please email Anna Haydock-Wilson to offer help and she will get back to you. Her email is :
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Question 24: Do you think more community events could be held in this space?
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Question 25: If you answered 'YES' - please list any ideas that you have for events that could be held there
Question 26: Before completing this survey, where you aware of the Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association?
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Question 27: Would you be willing to be involved in the activities of HCCA in the future?
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