Marine Biodiversity: from the Sea to the Cloud Pole-to-Pole MBON & AmeriGEOSS
As part of the Pole to Pole Marine Biodiversity Observation Network of the Americas (P2P), we are organizing a workshop focused on developing standardized guidelines for the collection of biological observations in rocky intertidal and sandy beaches, formatting of these biological records and data analysis. Due to funding limitations the program is able to cover the costs of up to 15 participants and thus we request that you express in this survey your interest in this activity and, more importantly, your commitment and capacity to start a field monitoring program after this workshop.
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Praia do Segredo, São Sebastião, Brazil, August 6-10, 2018
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Are you currently involved in a marine biodiversity monitoring program?
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Is(are) the monitoring program(s) under a national, regional or global network?
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Have you participated in any of the following networks?
P2P will provide participants with basic equipment for conducting field observations but lacks the capacity to fund field efforts. If you wish to participate in P2P, would you be able to implement a sampling program in your study area using standard protocols at least one time over the following 6-12 months after the workshop?
What resources would you require to initiate and sustain a monitoring program in you study area?
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As a member of the P2P network, would you agree to share your data through the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) without restrictions after an embargo of less than two years.
If you wish to participate in the P2P workshop, to what extend are you be able to cover your travel expenses?
How interested are you in incorporating or adapting specific sampling protocols to initiate a monitoring program in your study area as part of the P2P network?
Do you have any questions/concerns/suggestions for the workshop?
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