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All organizations and leaders who are either responsible for, or supportive of, getting Albertans physically active through a full range of sport, active living and active recreation are invited to join as an Activator with the Active Alberta Coalition. Anyone interested will complete and an application and agree to the conditions of being an Activator. Engagement will need to be reaffirmed every two years.

Individual Activator - shall be available to a single individual who will contribute to the Coalition’s Movement.
Organizational Activator - shall be available to any organization that will contribute to the Coalition either through their purpose or actions to advance the Coalition’s Movement.

Activators are encouraged to:
Contribute to the ongoing work of the Coalition
Attend meetings and events on behalf of the Coalition
Identify opportunities to increase coordination and collaboration in the Province
Utilize the Coalition’s common language
Share the work of the Coalition with their network

Professional Development
Leadership Opportunities
Activator Directory

Market exposure and visibility
Seed funding for capacity and system change initiatives
Coordinate and collaborate with other organizations
Grant application partnerships
Share data, research and assessment
Emerging, promising and best practices
Unified voice & common system approach
Understand issues and build a collective response
Elevate, inform and influence provincial and national practice and policy
Professional and leadership development

By joining and providing your email address, you are agreeing to receive communication from the Active Alberta Coalition. You will always have the opportunity to opt out of that communication and discontinue your role as an Activator.

For more information, please visit

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I/We agree to build cooperative and collaborative relationships to help one another identify ways to solve systemic problems *
I/We agree to contribute to the positive narrative of sport, active living and active recreation and to tell the story about the power and potential of this work to a healthy, active Alberta *
Movement Builders
The Active Alberta Coalition will be governed by a team of Movement Builders elected by the current Activators. Individuals serving in this role will be expected to actively contribute their leadership, expertise, skills and/or resources (approximately 5-10 hours/month). The size and composition of the Movement Builders team will be regularly evaluated to ensure the right voices (including all aspects of diversity) are included and represented as the movement evolves. Additional opportunities will be available for experts, influencers, and energizers to connect to strategic priorities and/or specific projects to advance the work of the team. Representatives from government, organizations and agencies will be invited to attend meetings on a consultation basis.

The Movement Builders will be responsible for:
1. Strategic direction and annual priorities
2. Assessment and evaluation of on-going work
3. Oversight of coalition development

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