Project Hope for Babies
We invite you to be a part of this year's Project Hope for Babies!

Thanks to your generosity, in December 2016, we were able to deliver 75 care packages to the families of Blank Children's Hospital. We can't thank you enough for being a part of the Project and we can't wait to see what this year brings!

Our goal this year is to collect enough care packages to hit BOTH Blank and Mercy NICU's which means around 90-100 care packages!

Our Mission
For those of you unfamiliar with our Project, our Purpose is simply to provide hope and encouragement to the families of the NICU.

Even though our sweet preemie is almost 8 years old, those first few months in the NICU left a lasting impression upon our hearts.

The NICU is a refuge for the parents of preemies.The days are filled with beeps from machines, medical updates, tests, surgeries and tears. One is never prepared for the ups and downs experienced inside those doors. You cling to faith, pray for healing, and hope for miracles.

Unlike other babies born too soon, our family was surrounded by an amazing support system and a great God and Healer! We were so grateful for the support and prayers of our friends and family but not everyone is that fortunate. Thus, Project Hope came to be.

Our family of 3 delivered the first care packages in 2012, and we've committed to making it an annual tradition. The number of care packages have grown each year, thanks to YOU - our friends and family and your personal and professional networks. In 2016, we delivered 75 packages. Our goal each year is to surpass the prior year and reach both hospital NICUs, making an even bigger impact on the families in Central Iowa.

How You Can Get Involved
There are on average 45 babies/families in the Blank NICU and we’d love to bless each one of them as well as collect enough for the Mercy NICU (total 90-100 packages). Can we count on you to help us?

It’s as easy as purchasing one or more care package containers or making a donation! Simply let us know the amount of involvement you prefer and we'll handle the rest!
Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Method of Involvement
Options for participation range from hands-on shopping and assembly to a simple donation.

Choose from the following 3 levels of involvement:

1. Do-It-All:
Purchase 1 or more care package containers and shop for items to put inside that will bless the families (see suggested items below). Once you receive the caddy, you fill it with items and get it to one of our drop off locations. [Should you wish to meet up with us to celebrate the donation you can meet us at Blank the day of delivery. This is a great way to get your family involved and create awareness with your kids even though we can't go directly into the NICU. We will have a scheduled time/date to deliver as we get closer to early February.]

2. Saavy Shopper:
Purchase 1 or more lunch totes or littles caddys and get us the items you want to include inside. When the caddy arrives, we’ll fill it with your items and we’ll handle the rest.

3. Financial Donor:
Make a donation of any amount to Project Hope for Babies, Inc. and your donation will go towards one or more care packages. We’ll order, shop for, fill and deliver the packages for you.
[Our non-profit entity allows you to make tax-deductible donations and take advantage of any employer matching programs.]

To Send Money via Paypal, click here

Step 2: Select and Order Your Care Package Container
In order to keep containers uniform in size, we have selected 5 container options for you.

Go to our Direct Shopping link:

1. Shop Now next to Project Hope for NICU and enter Item number for container. (see below)
2. Select your prints and personalization if you choose.
3. Enter payment info.
4. For shipping, Choose Direct Ship to your home if you wish to fill it, choose ship to hostess if we are filling it for you or you want to pick it up from us.
5. Submit order.

Container options/item numbers
• Littles Carry All Caddy ($14). item 3401 or 8330
• Lunch thermal ($18) item 3000
• Cinch Sac ($20) item 3039
• Double Duty Caddy ($25) item 4787
• Mini Storage Bin ($22) item 8639

Personalization is a flat $8 of $10 in addition to product price. Choose your own word or phrase ($8), or icon symbol with or without words ($10). Consider encouraging words such as: faith, hope, courage, strength, sweet baby, pray, believe in miracles, have faith, etc. If you'd like to see examples of past years, #ProjectHope2016 on Facebook and see all our photos from last year.

Step 3: Shop for Package Contents (this will be done for you if you choose option 2 or 3)
Suggested list of items to include:
• snacks (granola bars, nuts, mints, popcorn etc)
• stationary/journal/pen/stamps
• notes of encouragement
• gift cards to places close to Blank (Palmers Deli, Gateway Market, gas cards, Walgreens, Smokey Row Coffee, etc)
• hand sanitizer or lotions (unscented/fragrance free)
• preemie onesies
• card/contact info from a mom who had a preemie
• bible, devotionals
• fleece blankets, warm socks, etc
(feel free to do anything else! this list was compiled from some mamas who have been there)
Step 4: Assemble the Packages (this will be done for you if you choose option 2 or 3)
We will keep you posted on shipping of the orders. Once you receive your items, you'll fill with desired contents and arrange to get it to one of our Drop Off Locations.

If you are filling your own baskets, please get them assembled and connect with us to get them back before mid January We'd like to have all baskets in hand by Friday, January 26th to prepare for the early February delivery.

Here are our drop off locations for your convenience:

West Des Moines:
Dave Farnsworth
c/o McGowen Hurst Clark & Smith CPA Firm
1601 West Lakes Parkway, Suite 300
West Des Moines, IA 50266
David: 515.288.3279 ext 1137
Hours: 8a-5pm

Jackie Strawn
711 NE 41st Ct
Ankeny, IA 50021
Jackie: 314.616.7623

Polk City:
The Farnsworth Home
400 Woodhaven Drive
Polk City, IA 50226
Sarah: 515.371.6585

Can We Count On You?
We would love to hear of your partnership in this Project. Please feel free to forward this to your friends and family who may want to be a part of this.

Please let us know of your interest no later than January 10th, 2018.

YOUR RESPONSE NEEDED: Can we count on you to be a part of this years Project Hope?
Name (First/Last/Family Name)
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Address (street, city, state, zip)
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Help Us Spread the Word & Stay Up-to-date:
We have a facebook group for updates, deadline reminders, delivery updates, etc. Feel free to invite your friends to join us.

Join us, Share and Stay Connected HERE!

Could we add you to the FB group for this years Project?
Here's to Another Successful Project!
On behalf of our family, we are thrilled to have you be a part of Project Hope and look forward to connecting with you. Please connect with us anytime if you have questions or know of resources we can learn about to further the Mission!

Sarah & David Farnsworth, Clare and Ayla

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