Istio Meetup - Amsterdam
Join us for a meetup in Amsterdam on Monday, March 30...Istio style! What could be more appropriate than another Istio meetup...on a boat!

The schedule for the meetup will be a little different than most:

𝟳:𝟯𝟬 - Boarding
𝟳:𝟯𝟬 - 𝟴:𝟬𝟬: Lightning talks, Q&A and tapas (while cruising)
𝟴:𝟬𝟬 - 𝟭𝟬:𝟯𝟬: Drinks, nibbles and Amsterdam river cruise

Due to limited space on board, registration is required. Please do not take a space if you are not sure if you'll attend!

Finally: filling out this form is π—»π—Όπ˜ confirmation that you have reserved a spot. You will receive a confirmation email with details (location, boat name, etc).
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