Lincoln Family Remote Learning Survey
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. We are doing our best to gauge how much work we are providing, how much time it's taking, and what is best for families at this time. Feel free to fill out this survey multiple times if needed to reflect your opinion regarding all of your children. Your feedback is incredibly helpful as we go through this journey together!
How many children do you have at Lincoln? *
What grade(s) is your child(ren) in? *
Who is your child's teacher?
Do you have wifi / internet access? Is your connection sufficient to do the work? *
If you needed a device, were you able to pick one up this week?
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Regarding the amount of communication that you have received... *
Comments regarding communication?
How much time has your child spent engaged in remote learning activities on average each day?
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I feel that the remote learning experiences my child is being provided is
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What have been your remote learning successes? *
We want to foster community and connections, would the options below be something you are interested in, please click all that apply.
Other suggestions for connectivity virtually
Successes you would like to share that are not mentioned.
What improvements could be made to remote-learning? *
Improvements that could be made that are not mentioned.
What is something new you and your family have learned or what is something you have had the chance to do that you didn't before?
Anything else that you think we need to know?
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