Sunol AgPark Educational Programs
Spring '18 In-School & AgPark Field Trip Program Request Form
Sunol Water Temple and AgPark
NOTE: Programs are full for Spring 2018. Fill out only your contact information in the first section of this form to be placed on the waiting list - and then scroll to the last page to click the "SUBMIT" button. We will contact you if a space opens up. Thanks for your interest!
How to request your In-School and Field Trip programs
Review the program information below and click the “NEXT” button at the bottom of each page to advance through the request form.

Submit only 1 Program Request Form for one or more classes that want to attend on the same day. The maximum number of students we can accommodate each day is 70. Classes will be split into smaller groups for the field trip.

NOTE: Be sure to click the “SUBMIT” button on the last page or we won't receive your request.

Sunol AgPark Programs
We offer a complete FREE AgPark field trip package for 4th-6th grade students: an in-school orientation session, transportation and the visit to the Sunol AgPark lead by our Watershed Educators. Students learn about the about sustainable agriculture, food systems and our watersheds.

1 - “In-School” programs prepare your students for the AgPark farm experience. The lesson includes hands-on activities and materials about watersheds and water as a natural resource, the role of farmers, and the connection of the farm to the adjacent riparian area. The program is optional but encouraged, and is typically scheduled the week before your field trip.

2 - AgPark Field Trips offer your students the opportunity to experience a working organic farm, engage with farmers and explore the interaction of the farms and the surrounding riparian area. Each field trip begins with an introductory farm tour followed by a lesson connecting students to the land, and to people involved in agriculture and natural resource preservation. Students also participate in farm chores geared to the season and farm needs.

Spring 2018 Program Schedule
In-School Programs: March 30 to May 25 - Fridays, prior to your field trip

AgPark Field Trips: April 3 to May 31 - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays

FREE Programs & Buses
All programs, and buses if needed, are underwritten by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Some bus grants may be provided by Environmental Volunteers.
Sunol AgPark Location
The Sunol AgPark is located next to the Town of Sunol, just off of I-680 and Highway 84.
- 10 miles south of Pleasanton
- 7 miles east of Fremont
- Approximately 45 minutes from Oakland and 50 minutes from San Francisco.
The Sunol AgPark is a farming and watershed education program brought to you by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission in partnership with the Alameda County Resource Conservation District.
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