Safe Sanctuaries & Mandated Reporter Quiz
After watching the 3-part training videos, please complete this quiz regarding what is child abuse and how to identify and report child abuse. A staff member will share your results within a week.
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1. Under Pennsylvania law, which of the following does NOT describe a category of mandated reporter? *
2. Under PA law and Safe Sanctuaries policy, the role of the mandated reporter is to immediately report suspected abuse directly to ChildLine. *
3. Mandated reporting of suspected child abuse is just one part of the Child Protective Services Law. The overall purpose of the law include: *
4. Which is not a category of abuse outlined in this model?
5. First hand observation by a Mandated Reporter is required to report child abuse.
6. There are three main categories of abuse – bodily injury, serious physical neglect, and sexual abuse/exploitation. Bodily injury DOES NOT include:
7. Sexual abuse or exploitation is causing a child to engage in or assist another person to engage in sexually explicit conduct or conversation. Sexual abuse or exploitation includes:
8. When you suspect child abuse has occurred, you should FIRST
9. When responding to a child who has disclosed a suspected child abuse situation, should you…
10. After a report of suspected child abuse, the county Children and Youth Services will…
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