TFTR Masters 2020 Event Registration
Event Timing: February 21-23 2020
Event Address: TFTR track, Porter Street, Templestowe
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Primary class
The primary class will cost $30, except for Junior ISTC. Juniors must be no older than 14 as of the 1st of January.
Volante Control Tyres
Depending on the class that you are entering, you will be required to use the control event tyres provided by the club. There is a limit to how many sets you may use during the event. The limits are as follows:

Junior - 1 set (free)
ISTC 21.5 - 2 sets
ISTC 13.5 - 3 sets
ISTC Modified - 4 sets
GT - 2 sets

Any sets purchased over this limit will be available for use during practice only. If running multiple classes, please select enough sets to cover them. Additional practice tyres will be available on demand at the event. Tyres are $40 per set.
Number of sets of tyres required
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