Tax Depreciation Service Instruction Form (BWK Group)
In this form you will be guided through a series of questions in order to maximise your tax write-off claims and improve your cash returns). You will also receive a copy for review.
Investment and Likely Results
- 100% tax deductible.

- As a client of ours, you too can average 10 times the fee in claims in the first full year alone of a 40-year report, for an average claim total of over $253,688 (residential), higher specification homes and commercial properties usually receive much more!).

- Unique, value-added ways to acquire extra tax claim savings/write-offs, averaging around $8,781; on top of our typical client savings results (see above).

Plus much more...
- Client and Invoicing Details
- Investment Property to be Inspected
- Acquisition of Investment Property
- Property History (in Relation to 'Works Completed' incl. Information From Local Council)
- Improvements & Renovation (works):
- Additional Items 'Installed After' Purchase
- Whether You Lived In The Property
- Rental Leased/Rented With Furniture Items (if applicable)
- How Did You Hear About Our Services ? i.e marketing question
- Details For Access to the Property
- Tax Accountant: Report Forwarding (if desired)

With all the information available prior, this form may take 5 minutes to complete.

We ask questions that maximise your results.
For New Builds (new construction, you are the first owner):
Prior to completing the Form, have your 'Building Contract' of Section 32 (Contract of Sale) accessible to include:

1. Building Contract sum (excl. land) incl. GST/ OR Section 32 (Contract of Sale) if it is a development (multiple properties).

2. If additional expenses incurred outside the Building Contract (and listed below) include:

a) Design and Professional fees (e.g architect, draftsperson, engineer, geotechnical services etc.)

b) Council costs (applications, council contributions etc.)

c) Utility connections (e.g water, gas, electrical, internet etc.)
For Pre-Owned properties
Prior to completing the Form, have your:

1. Section 32 (Contract of Sale)

2. Make a call with your Local Council to ask for:

* i) 'Original Construction Completion Date' / ‘Certificate of Occupancy Date’ (i.e. Build date, dd/mm/yy).

* ii) any 'improvements/renovations' or 'alterations' undertaken (structural) requiring permits. Including dates (dd/mm/yy) and descriptions.

Due to privacy, we can not source certain information on your behalf. By helping us, we can help you better.

MINIMISE Tax and MAXIMISE Cash flow (with Tax Depreciation Schedules)

Place 'TBA' into any field that you do not know, this can be revisited at a later date.
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