Inter-Cooperative Council Moses Coady/Paolo Freire Center for Cooperative Education

The Inter-cooperative Council's Moses Coady / Paolo Freire Center for Cooperative Education, otherwise known as the Education Center, is located at 1522 Hill Street. ICC Members in good standing and approved outside community members may apply to reserve and use the ICC Education Center. Please review the Policy Governing the Use of the Education Center, Questions or concerns should be directed to

CHARGING A FEE: No individual or group using the building may charge a fee for the event or activity they are presenting.

KEYS: The key can be picked up from the ICC office, 337 E William, 734/662-4414, during regular business hours and returned within 24 hours after use. It can be returned during office hours, or to the key drop at the back of the office building.

1. Fire Code regulates that no more than 90 people shall occupy the building at any time.
2. No alcohol is allowed in the building.
3. No smoking is allowed in the building.
4. No open flame, candles or incense may be used in the building.
5. No shoes are to be worn beyond the front door.
6. No loud activities after 10 PM, Sunday through Thursday.
7. No parking at the Education Center.
8. All garbage & food items must be disposed of properly; no perishables should be left.
9. The kitchen area and equipment must be left clean.
10. At end of event, turn off all lights & electronics.
11. Observe posted signs regarding thermostats and adjust as needed.
11. The building must be left secure: all windows and doors should be closed and locked.

DEPOSIT: Groups using the ICC Education Center that are made up of entirely ICC Members in good standing are exempt from additional deposits as their shares shall be considered sufficient deposit. The deposits for all other groups using the ICC Education Center are accepted by check only and are kept by the ICC Education Committee in trust.

The money is not cashed unless there are damages or expense incurred to the organization directly due to your use of the ICC Education Center. The following is not an exclusive list of examples: carpet cleaning due to spills or mess-making, replacement keys to the building due to loss or theft, re-keying costs for the building, repair/replacement of equipment or supplies.

Damage Deposit (REQUIRED - refundable if no damage)
Flat Rate for Building Use: $100

A/V Equipment:
The ICC Education Center has a projector available for use.

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By typing my name below, I agree that I have read the Policy Governing the Use of the Moses Coady/Paulo Freire Education Center and agree to follow the guidelines therein. Further, I am responsible as an individual and as a representative of the group listed on the application for all required deposits and fees and shall assume the financial responsibility for any damages or expenses the ICC Education Center incurred during or as a result of the event. *
I understand that I may be required to provide a $100 check deposit for damages.
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