Love by Design Mentorship Program Application
This is a powerful discovery process…
• We will look more deeply at the internal chaos you currently experience in the realm of relationship.

• I’ll listen intimately to what your challenges are

• Together we’ll get to the root of why you aren’t 100% at peace

You will find that this Discovery Session is very unique, powerful and deep - as is all the work that I do.

Here’s what you need to do to receive one of these powerful private conversations:

1). Fill out the application below.

2). Answer from a place of pure honesty. Don’t write down what you think you should. Write down what you know to be true. The more honest you are with yourself, the more honest you are with me, the more transformative your session will be.

3). Submit this application as soon as possible. I have a very tight schedule that fills up and let’s make sure you’re finding peace in your relationships as soon as possible.

4). Your application is received and it comes directly to me. Everything is kept 100% confidential.

5). If it makes sense for us to connect, you’ll be hearing from me about scheduling a time. If it doesn’t make sense for us to connect, we will guide you to an immediate next step so you can continue the process of learning to build your resilience.

A Very Important Note:  Your discovery session to explore enrolling in a Love by Design Mentorship Program is a high-level act of personal and energetic responsibility. This entire discovery session process is sacred and reserved for those who want to build confidence in their relationships more than anything.

May love be at the center of your choices,


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According to the psychological and spiritual curriculum, A Course In Miracles, the definition of a miracle is "a shift in perception". This is what's needed to have you living as an adult rather than responding to life like a little child.  You must be willing to begin the process of seeing things differently: what it means to be an Adult; what it means to take a stand for what you value and how to go about it all. This philosophy, as well as a full acceptance of all religious and spiritual beliefs for all of our Love by Design clients, is a thread that runs throughout all of the teachings Joëlle Lydon has developed. Are you comfortable embracing this all inclusive philosophy? *
Choose 3 "shadows that work against you the most. *
What's currently NOT working for you in your personal and/or professional life and relationships? *
How is this impacting you on a day-to-day basis? *
How is this issue showing up in OTHER areas of your life? *
Which top 3  “Strengths” resonate most for you? (Please choose EXACTLY 3) *
How serious are you about doing whatever it takes to master your anxiety and doubt so you can lead in your personal and professional life and relationships? *
Please give an example that demonstrates how you follow through on commitments and finish what you start: *
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Please share at least one way that demonstrates how you intend to apply this mentorship program to be of higher service in your life: *
Imagine...One year from now and you are feeling joyful, connected, happy, successful and completely satisfied... what 1-3 things would you like to say are COMPLETELY TRUE? *
What specifically stands between where you are now...and that vision of where you would like to be one year from now? *
Although we can often take an action in support of moving our personal growth forward, but then unconsciously try to avoid our next steps due to fear of becoming overwhelmed by what we imagine will be expected of us (and then convince ourselves we won't be able to handle it); how can I best support you in following through on the action you've taken by filling out this application so you feel safe enough to take the next step of scheduling a call and then can be on the path to fulfilling your desire for clarity in a peaceful and productive way so that ultimately you are acting with more confidence in the relationships that matter most to you? *
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