File a Grievance
If you are a student or family member at a BPS school, use this form to file a report if you believe a student experienced bias-based conduct and/or sexual misconduct, and/or the student's right to fair discipline was violated. If you have questions about the rights of students under MA law and BPS policy, refer to the appropriate section of the app.
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Identifying and follow-up questions
The questions below are optional. HOWEVER, if a name and method of contact is not included, the BPS Office of Equity will retain these records, but will be unable to follow up with you or may be unable to conduct any further investigation.

Any student or family who makes a report has the right to not suffer retaliation or unfair treatment for making that report.

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To help provide more information to the Office of Equity regarding the report, check any box below that applies to you (or the student in question) or the incident you are reporting:
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