Myschievia 2019 : WE ARE STAR STUFF Art Grant Application
Welcome to the Myschievia We Are Star Stuff Art Grant submission process. An FAQ follows which should address most of your questions, but feel free to contact us directly if you need any additional information. We are excited to hear about your project and look forward to considering it for a grant this year!

To complete this application, fill out all required fields below. Click the "continue" or "submit" button at the bottom to move through the process. You will not be able to make changes after submitting the form.
The first page contains all of the question - and the second page gives you chance to submit up to six links to videos, graphics or other media to "pitch" your project. Please make sure you have uploaded your images/videos/sounds and have tested the links before you submit your form.
You may submit your application until the deadline of Sunday July 21st, 11:59pm, CST. Early submission is encouraged to allow adequate time to review your application and request more information if needed. Incomplete applications may not be considered for funding.

*Those who are in the LLC, or Art Lead Grant Committee are not eligible in receiving an art grant.*
*Being awarded an art grant does not mean being awarded a ticket, we all pay for our tickets to Myschievia (every volunteer)
*The highest amount for each awarded grant is $599, if you wish to be funded more, it is possible with having multiple people working on the project, each of you will have to fill out a form*
*We can not fund materials such as gas, transportation, tickets, or liability risk such as food items. Grant funds are meant to cover non-durable goods.*

For any questions please feel welcome to contact Art Lead, Hillary (Critter) :

Email address *
Art Project Title
What is your project called? (Note: If the actual project title is really raunchy, please provide the "All Age Friendly" working title for now. We will have plenty of time for raunchy later... )

Art Project Title *
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Art Project's Lead Contact - Legal Name Of One Person Only
Please provide the legal name for the project's lead contact. This person’s name will be responsible to the landowner and to NTXB for Leave No Trace (LNT) and will act on behalf of the project for financial matters and in interactions with NTXB.
Art Project's Lead Contact - *
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Art Project's Lead Contact - Mailing Address
Please provide the complete mailing address for the Project's Lead Contact
Mailing Address *
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Art Project's Lead Contact - Email Address
Please provide the email address for the Project's Lead Contact
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Art Project's Lead Contact- Telephone Number
Please provide the email address for the Project's Lead Contact
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Art Project's BIG IDEA - The Heart And Soul Of Your Project
In one sentence or so, summarize the main idea/inspiration of your project. Deliver the punch in 120 characters or less. Get us excited to read more!
Art Project's BIG IDEA *
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Art Project Overview - The Heart And Soul Of Your Project.
In a paragraph or two, please provide an overview of your project. Describe the key visual aesthetic, what the project's main function is, or expand on how your project will reach Myschievia's participants in an immediate, novel way. We are excited! Tell us!
Art Project Overview *
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Does your project involve Fire art? *
Art Project Interactivity - Plays Well With Others!
In what ways will your project be interactive? Who can interact with it? Is it one person at a time, or a group thing? Day, night, or both? Tell us anything we need to know about the participatory nature of your project.
Art Project Interactivity *
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Build Schedule
Please detail the timeline of your project build before the event. Be clear as to when the project will be 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% complete at a minimum.
Build Schedule Timeline *
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Art Project Onsite Schedule and Operating Details
Tell us about your project's On Hours and Off Hours. Funded art projects are required to be accessible and functional most of the time; for most of the days, especially during peak times. Let us know general operating hours, days, times, and a plan for staffing the project if necessary.
Onsite Schedule and Operating Details *
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Art Project Size
For city planning purposes, please specify how large the project will be.
Size of project *
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Is your project part of your theme camp? If so- where? *
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Leave No Trace
All projects must provide a Leave No Trace plan for the entire project for a no-burn situation. Burning of projects will require additional LNT planning. If this project is burnable, describe how the project team will remove the project after it partially or fully burns.
Leave No Trace Plan *
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Describe the safety concerns of your project and how your team will address these safety concerns without NTXB assistance. Should you need formal NTXB help (i.e. a planned burn of the project) please describe how you will secure and organize this help. (500 characters)
Safety concerns *
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Complete Detailed Budget For Project - Good Planning Makes Good Sense!
Please detail the total budget for this project, including a breakdown of key components and expenses. We need to see the whole project's material, transportation, and LNT items here. You must provide an estimate for all costs incurred by your project. This is a VERY important step in the application process. Garbage bags, sheet metal, particle accelerator, conjoined twin dummy head - everything! It does not matter if you already have the materials, need to buy them, or are having them donated; put it on the budget. If you send a partial list of materials, we won't know where the rest of the project is coming from and we will stay up at night wondering.
Detailed Budget For Project *
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Total Funding Amount Requested And General Use Of Funds - Requested Grant Amount
How much funding, in dollars, are you requesting from NTXB? What will these funds be used for? Grant funding does not cover the purchase of durable goods (power tools, generators, roller coasters, etc.), but it can cover rental of such items. Grant funds are meant to cover non-durable goods (building materials, fabric, paint, etc.); feel free to ask us if you are in doubt, we're here to help you.
Total Funding Amount Requested and General Use of Funds *
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