Wanted: your take on Japan proxy shopping
Hi! I'm Kei from DEJAPAN. We're a proxy shopping service for Japanese websites. Whether you've heard of us or not, and whether you've ever used a proxy like us or not, we want to hear from you. Please answer as many questions as you can.
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Okay, the obvious one: have you ever used a Japanese proxy shopping service? *
If you said 'no', why not? (tick all that apply)
If you said 'yes', which proxy services have you used?
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What do you like about proxy shopping?
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How do you usually find out about proxy services?
What makes you decide to use a proxy service? (tick all that apply)
How likely is it that you'll use a proxy shopping service in the next 6 months?
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What one thing would MOST make you want to try out a new/different proxy shopping service? *
Got any other comments?
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