RootSkills Spring Workshop: Planning Committee Application
This form is an application for individuals and organizations interested in serving on the planning committee for the Grassroots Fund's spring 2019 RootSkills Workshop. The RootSkills Spring Workshop will take place on May 31 or June 1st in the White River Junction VT/Upper Valley NH area (venue TBD).

This convening is an opportunity to center equity in our conversations about the social and environmental justice work taking place in New England. This gathering is a space where grassroots organizers, colleagues and supporters convene to network, share stories and dig into both issue- and process-based sessions. We work with a planning committee ahead of each event to ensure a broad range of lived experiences and perspectives weigh in as we do the planning.

What to expect in participating:
- Attending 3, 1-hour committee calls. Call dates: Meeting #1 Feb 18-21, Meeting #2 April 15-18, and Meeting #3 May 13-16;
- Online correspondence and input (via email, SurveyMonkey) on workshop planning.

Aspects of the event we'll consider:
- Review & approval of skeleton agenda (agenda items, balance & timing);
- Approval of workshop Learning Objectives (previously created), adjusting as needed for this event;
- Review & selection of workshop offerings from the open call for presenters;
- Recommendations & selection of keynote speaker.

Other considerations:
- Outreach & promotion: You can expect to be asked to share about the event (both the open call for presenters and attendee registration) within your established networks, contacts and/or social media. A media package with links and language will be provided.
- **As a modest thank you, planning committee members are invited to join us at the event free of charge.

FYI: A second, one-day RootSkills Fall Workshop will take place mid-Nov in southeast MA. This is a change in format from 2018's two-day conference event.

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Why are you interested in serving on the RootSkills Committee?
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Are you willing to help with outreach and marketing for the RootSkills workshop?
Are you available to attend 3, 1-hour RootSkills Planning Meetings by phone? Dates: March 18-21, April 15-18, and May 13-16. *
Are you available to attend & help at the RootSkills workshop?
We strive to ensure that we have a diversity of perspectives represented across race/ethnicity, class, gender, and other identifiers. This section of the survey helps us better understand how you self-identify across a number of demographic characteristics. If you are uncomfortable answering any question, please feel free to select 'Wish not to disclose'. We will only share information in this section as a full group summary and we will not disclose any information about specific committee members.
Please select your age bracket:
Race/Ethnicity: In terms of race and/or ethnicity, how would you describe yourself? If you prefer to select from commonly used census categories, please select from the options below. If you would prefer to use an open answer text box to describe please use the text box in the following question.
In terms of race and/or ethnicity, how would you describe yourself? Please use this space if you would prefer to use an open answer text box to describe in your own terms how you identify.
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Socioeconomic Class: Household income brackets are taken from William Joseph & Joseph Hickley academic class model in order to provide guidance. They merely serve as one possible measure for economic status. If you do not feel that the household income brackets accurately reflect the socioeconomic class you represent, please choose the class option that you feel is most reflective.
Gender: We understand that the executive level of the philanthropic sector remains disproportionally self-identified men, and we hope to disrupt that type of trend of gender inequity within our grantmaking process. In an effort to see if we are making progress away from that norm, we ask that you self-identify your gender in the boxes below, knowing that this is an imperfect way to capture the complexity of this "metric." We welcome your feedback for how we could do this better, and/or an alternate description of your gender in the text box below.
Self-identify your gender (if desired).
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Sexual Orientation: As with the gender question above, we simplify this complex question in order to obtain information about what diverse perspectives exist within our reader base, and if we are being successful in challenging traditional norms within the philanthropic sectors, and welcome your feedback.
Education: What is the highest level of education you have obtained?
Please share which perspectives you most closely identify with:
Is there anything else you would like Grassroots Fund staff to know about your interest in this opportunity?
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Thank you!
Thank you for your interest in participating as a planning committee member.

Program Manager Tess Beem will be in touch in the coming week with more information about this opportunity. Please contact her directly if you have questions in the meantime: or (603) 905 9915, ext. 2.

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