BIPOC Museum Staff Experience Form
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I confirm that the following information is accurate, and I give permission to this project to use it on design process. *
1. Are you currently working in the museum industry?
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2. How long have/did you work in the museum industry?
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3. What is/was your position level?
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4. What type of museum do/did you work in? (: if the type of your museum isn't mentioned in the list, be free to add your answer below.)
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5. What size is your institution?
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6. What experience have you had while working in the museum industry?
7. Please share your experience as a BIPOC museum employee.   *
8. If you can use 3 words to describe your experiences/feelings working in museums, what are they?
9. How comfortable do you feel working in the museum industry as a BIPOC staff?
Very uncomfortable
Very comfortable
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10. How would you rate the support of your colleagues and leadership when you speak up?
Very unsupportive
Very supportive
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11. How optimistic are you that the museum industry will change?
Very doubtful
Very optimistic
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12. How do you describe your race or ethnicity? (Other = your self-identity)
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13. To which gender identity do you most identify.  ( Other = your self-identity)
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We would like to get your feedback on your visualized story. May we contact you before publishing for your feedback? If so, please write down a best way to contact you below (Name, email). Note: your contact information will NOT be shared in order to maintain your anonymity.
Any other comments to share? Feel free to also reach us at
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