Gunnison Country Local Energy Generation
Students of the School of Environment and Sustainability at Western State Colorado University in cooperation with Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA), a non-profit, member-owned rural electric cooperative, are gathering community input regarding interest in local renewable energy generation. We value the views of the community and appreciate your feedback. Your responses will help us understand not only your views, but also the areas where we may be able to provide additional services, information and technology.

Please do not complete this survey unless you are a member of GCEA or live in a GCEA service area! Thank you!

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Local Energy Options
Colorado's electric cooperatives are actively expanding their fuel portfolios to include an array of renewable sources, including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydro.
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GCEA currently provides about 30% renewable energy generated around Colorado and neighboring states. Through GCEA you are able to offset 100% of your energy bill for an extra 1% through the green power program.
GCEA Community Shared Solar
Some GCEA members are interested in the benefits of rooftop solar energy systems, but are unable to install solar for a variety of reasons such as restrictions put in place by local homeowners associations and installation and maintenance costs. “Community Shared Solar” projects or “Solar Gardens” offer an alternative for these members. A shared solar program involves a larger centralized solar energy system designed to benefit multiple electric consumers by allowing consumers to choose to invest in (or lease) the program and receive a portion of the electricity generated by the system. The output related to the member's share of these projects would help offset a portion of their regular power bill.

Currently Crested Butte houses a solar garden which is made available to you by GCEA.

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