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This is a membership application form. You will be contacted by a Core Member of Asian Solidarity Collective once your form for membership has been reviewed.
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Asian Solidarity Collective is a grassroots primarily volunteer and member-driven organization. We work with our members and community volunteers to organize events and to take lead in our campaigns in order to build power and activate critical consciousness within our communities and beyond. Would you like our staff to contact you regarding volunteering opportunities? *
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If you agree with the Statement of Understanding Asian Solidarity Collective’s work and values, please state your full name and date below: I understand Asian Solidarity Collective’s (ASC) Mission, Vision, Ideology, and Principles of Unity. I understand ASC’s work in activating social justice consciousness within our own communities as well as building solidarity towards collective liberation. I recognize the importance of having core values that align with Asian Solidarity Collective and the communities whom we serve in order to become an ASC member. I acknowledge that Asian Solidarity Collective reserves the right to work, partner and engage in membership with individuals and/or community organizations who have shared visions and values for justice. I fully understand that Asian Solidarity Collective will review this application and will notify me in regards to membership with the organization. *
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