2020 Summit Demonstration Proposal
Application developers associated with communities in the US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities (https://www.us-ignite.org/programs/smart-gigabit-communities/) program can submit their proposal for a demonstration at the 2020 US Ignite Application Summit, in Denver April 6-9 (https://spring.smartcitiesconnect.org/). Demonstration teams that are selected will be provided a 6ft x 8ft demo booth on the Expo Floor during the afternoon of 7th and 8th. A small group of the most visually spectacular and high impact demonstrations will be selected to demonstrate on the main stage during the morning of April 7th or 8th for close to 2000 attendees.

We will offer travel stipends for up to two members to select development teams on a competitive basis. Please indicate if you are requesting consideration for a stipend and if you are able to support your own travel and lodging without a stipend. Teams selected to demo will have their admission fee waived regardless and no cost for the demonstration booth.

We may ask follow-up questions during the selection process and teams will be notified in February 2020 of their selection.
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Please include a description of what attendees would see as part of your demo. If you are also proposing a stage demo (these are 8 minute long segments on the main stage), please indicate what the audience would see and links to any media or supporting material that demonstrates the visual appeal, message, and broad interests to attendees.
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Associated Community
Please indicate the Smart Gigabit Community or US Ignite partner with whom you are most closely connected.
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Your response will affect your consideration or approval for the travel stipend. If you are not selected for a stipend, but are able to cover your travel and lodging, we can continue considering you for a booth at the event.
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Additional comments
If you would like to be considered for an onstage proposal slot, please include a strong case in the demo description and include any links to video or media that would show what the audience would see. Please add a brief note on any additional consideration. If you have questions please email them to scott.turnbull@us-ignite.org.
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Previous Summit Video
To get a better picture of our demonstrations and programming, please take a moment to view one of the highlight videos we created from a previous summit.
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