Conscious-Spirit Coaching, Application Form
This is an application to request Coaching from Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne for an individual adult. "Conscious-Spirit Coaching" is intended as a long-term and potentially aggressive and mentally penetrating type of coaching which many adults can not handle. If you (or a couple) are looking for a Gentle-Chat Counseling session please apply at this link instead: . The agreements made in this application are simply for the protection of all parties involved and to keep you informed, they have no covert or arbitrary intention.

Only you (an individual adult) can fill this form out for yourself and not for or by anyone else. You must be 18 years of age or older to continue. Dishonesty and avoiding of answering any questions on this form WILL influence your opportunity to be accepted as a client. We do and will continue to reserve the right to refuse coaching to anyone for any reason and discontinuation of services, without explanation. However you are most likely to be given one.

A copy of this whole form will be sent to you when submitted. You will be informed of any updates to the agreements and are required to review them every six months while our services are being used.

There are additional forms to request Rev. Devan for an interview, teaching arrangements, prayer or healing Services, discounts on courses, propose a new program or to perform a wedding. Please read the list on the contact page at:

"I look forward to working with you and this immense opportunity for us. " ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

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