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If you have not owned a Newfoundland, what is your experience with them?
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If you answered 'Yes' to the prior question, what is the name of the organization you have previously fostered with? Indicate whether or not you still foster with them.
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What experiences have they had with strange dogs?
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If you rent, have you received the approval of your landlord to have animals?
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A fenced yard is required for all fosters.
Please, describe your fence including size and material.
How do you plan to exercise your foster Newfoundland? *
How many hours per day will your dog spend alone at home? Explain. *
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Does anyone in your household have ANY objections to adding a foster dog to your family? *
What behavior problems have you worked with in the past? *
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Have you ever trained a dog using outside sources? *
If yes, where?
training school, professional trainer, behaviorist
Please describe that training experience.
Include any training tools you have used (such as collars or crates) as well as types of rewards used.
Using a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being fairly inactive and 10 being very active, describe your family’s activity level. *
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