SA Fall Clubs Fair 2017
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1. What is the name of your club? *
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2. Who is the contact person for your club for the clubs fair? *
The contact person will be the one representing your club at the clubs fair. Please include name, phone number and email.
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3. Will you be attending the clubs fair? *
The Clubs Fair is a great way to get new GBC members and let students about your events.
4. What day(s) will you be attending? *
5. Names of Executive Members (Or general members) who will attend Clubs Fair (s):
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6. Do you require any dietary accommodations?
Free food will be provided, we want to make sure to accommodate your needs.
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7. Do you require any accessibility accommodations?
This may include: wheelchair access, ASL, etc.
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8. Any space/table/electrical requirements for each campus?
This can include extension cords, power outlet or anything that comes to mind that will help with your set up. Let us know before the event!
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9. All clubs get half a table per club fair. *
Please agree that you acknowledge your club will only be given half a table per campus.
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