(Please reserve and block off 5 minutes to fully focus and complete this application)

Steps as easy as ABC:
A. Complete this form.
B. Submit the form and message Jess (FB, IG, Email, Text) that you completed the form.
C. Jess will review your answers. If your answers are a good fit, she will schedule a call with you.

The purpose of this application form is to serve you at the highest level on your interview call to truly establish if you're a "YASSSS" fit for what Jess offers or not. If not, she will be more than happy to help you find the resources that will best fit your needs!

Your time is valuable, as is Jess', so please be honest and thorough with your answers so she can hopefully align you towards creating the best possible results with the body and life that you desire!

If you do not write honest and well thought out answers Jess will not schedule you for your application call!
If you could snap your fingers and achieve every amazing result for your body in 90 days to truly feel happy what would those be? Please be SPECIFIC. *
Hmmm! Why haven't you been able to accomplish these results on your own? Detail everything that has been making it so hard for you. *
How dedicated and all in are you to truly achieve the results you stated above? (1 is meh... 5 is LET'S GO JESS!) *
If accepted, are you currently in a place where you are fully able to invest financially in yourself to have a successful transformation? If no, why not? Could you think of anyone who could possibly support you financially to help you accomplish your transformation? *
Are you the main person in charge of your financial decisions? Will you need to talk over spending your money with anyone important in your life like a significant other? Please be honest. *
So lets say you ended up not being a good fit to work with Jessica and she refers you to two personal trainers / virtual coaches, Christina and Elena. Christina sticks to a limited clientele, she’s super detailed, and is a perfect fit for you, she will get you results for sure. She charges $100 USD an hour and wants to see you 3x a week for 3 months. Elena isn’t as detailed but she will still get you results, only thing is that it will take twice as long. She charges $50 USD an hour and wants to see you 3x a week for 6 months. Which one do you have the ABILITY to invest in financially RIGHT NOW? If neither how come? *PLEASE BE HONEST* *
Take out your calculator and really think. How much money have you wasted over the last few years trying to reach your goals? (Failed programs, supplements, diet foods, waist trainers, flat tummy tea, foods from cravings, clothes that don't fit anymore or had to change, things used to make yourself feel better) *
I know this was a light-hearted application but truly Jess is super selective and is currently limited on spots for her program. Your energy has to match hers to be selected, among other things. So last question. If you had to tell Jess anything that would make you more qualified than others that have applied/are applying so you could push them out the way and join, what would that be? *
What are the 3 best time slots that work for you this week? I’ll choose the best one and I’ll call you then. (Please include your timezone) *
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