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Descriptions of Teams at the Station
Airstaff: Develop speaking skills on live radio, giveaway prizes, take requests, and spread information about the music we play on the station.

Media Team: The media team creates all of our promotional videos & photos as well as documents in-studio performances and concerts. Take a look at some of their work on our video page!

Audio Production Team: The audio team creates bumpers and PSAs that play on air. They also pay a key role in recording the music for our in-studio sessions.

News Team: Our news team writes articles on current events, and produces a number of news podcasts, including our flagship series – The Undercurrent. They keep our audience up to date with current events from campus to the Lansing community to the nation, often while bringing a unique perspective.

Entertainment Team: The entertainment team is a group of journalists who write about music and other aspects of pop culture. Some of their content includes curated Spotify playlists and exposing new music through Jams of the Day.

Street Team: The street team contributes to our marketing department by helping with our station events. They also come up with ways to unify the station through our social media, events, graphics, and so much more!

Sports Team: Our sports team writes articles about Big Ten and professional sports. They also host a number of podcasts covering a variety of sports and topics. They specialize in play-by-play reporting on-air and online.

Music Review Team: Music review is a group of volunteers that debate and listen to new music. From there, staff members suggest songs to our music director to be added to our rotation

Graphics Team: The Graphics team is dedicated to creating graphics and marketing materials to support the Street Team or station-wide marketing initiatives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee: Impact's DEI Committee is a dialogue-driven collaboration across our staff about inclusion, equity, and advocating for positive change - both within our workplace and MSU.
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