Make a difference today - Be a data volunteer for One Degree's COVID-19 Resource Guide
At One Degree we always strive to provide comprehensive, updated and accurate community resource information such as finding emergency food, shelter, or health services when people are in need. During the COVID-19 outbreak we maintain that same commitment and have developed a COVID-19 Resource Guide ( for quick and effective reference to resources those affected might need during this period.

We are looking for remote volunteers to join our team to increase access to life-affirming resources in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. This is a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about empowering low-income communities.

As a volunteer you will be researching and adding community resources in the Bay Area and Los Angeles counties related to COVID-19. This work is crucial to our commitment to provide up-to-date information for families and individuals that need community resources in this critical time.

As a Volunteer you will:

Conduct online research to add and update existing resources on One Degree’s COVID-19 Resource Guide.

Compile data into user-friendly google docs.

Use Slack to communicate with the Volunteer team and stay informed on Volunteer updates.

Time Commitment: 5-15 hours a week for 3 weeks

Qualifications: Basic knowledge of computer and data entry. Have access to a computer. Written and verbal communication skills. Ability to work independently. Good computer and typing skills. Strong proofreading skills.

Training: Detailed instructions and virtual support (Slack, email, conference calls) and thoughtful feedback will be given along the way.

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