Stakeholder survey and map of initiatives
To support the work of the SEA Forum for Fishers, the SEA Fisheries Project is undertaking a mapping exercise of initiatives aiming to enhance the protection of rights of fishers, particularly migrant fishers, and to combat abuses such as human trafficking, forced labour, and exploitation. The aim of this mapping exercise is to create a database of ongoing initiatives across the region to combat human trafficking and the exploitation of fishers, including efforts that seek to upgrade working conditions, increase worker awareness and education, improve access to remedy, strengthen labour protection, and advance the rights of fishers.

The data collected during the mapping exercise will be consolidated into a relational database and shared on an online platform to assist fishers and their families, private sector and businesses, as well as governments, who seek better information about efforts to address specific issues or particular kinds of interventions. The database will have search capabilities to allow users to narrow their search by the particular issue(s) being addressed, the form(s) of intervention, and geographic coverage.

Initiatives included in the forthcoming database are being characterised in terms of (1) the issue being addressed, and (2) the mechanism of intervention. Ten key issues within the Southeast Asian fishing industry and nineteen mechanisms of intervention have identified as encompassing the majority of current initiatives. For an explanation of each issue and mechanism, along with examples of each, please see the attached Methodology document:

If you feel that the issues and mechanisms do not adequately describe your initiative please feel free to add your own target issue and/or mechanism under the 'other' option and it will be considered in the final design of the database.

Participation in the survey is voluntary. Any information provided will be compiled on an online database in the near future.

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