TAA Pledge to Support Fair Pay, No Fees, and Quality Policies for Graduate Workers
Attend our Bascom Hall sit-in: Friday, April 5, from 10am – 1pm!
Over 400 have pledged so far. Scroll down to read their names.
We call on UW–Madison to support its graduate workers by:
- Paying graduate workers a living wage

- Providing full relief from mandatory fees for graduate workers

- Ending the discriminatory international student fee

- Approving clear, consistent, and quality policies and procedures for graduate workers

- Training administrators on the new policies and procedures for graduate workers

- Creating a standing committee that includes graduate workers to improve policies and procedures for graduate workers

If UW–Madison administrators do not make these improvements by the end of March, I pledge to support these goals by:
- Attending a sit-in on Friday, April 5, from 10am – 1pm at Bascom Hall

- Wearing a campaign button every Wednesday to demonstrate the broad support for these changes

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Hundreds have signed the pledge!
Jon Isaac English
Ellen LeClere iSchool
Rob Timberlake Educational Policy Studies
Marisa Campanaro iSchool
Mikaela Fortune iSchool
Kristen Maples iSchool
Laurie Buchholz iSchool
Alleta Maier Physics
Elizabeth Berg Nelson Institute
Luke Spanish & Portuguese
Ankur Goswami Computer Sciences
Zhechen Tu Economics
Megan Kennedy German, Nordic, and Slavic
Jacqueline Goldstein Astronomy
Miranda Alksnis English
Griffin McCarthy Bur Sociology
Greta Landis Agronomy / Environment & Resources Program
Chance P. McMahon Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies
Marie Fiori Chemistry
Karl Locher Social Work
Sara Gia Trongone Sociology
Francisco J. Santiago-Ávila Nelson Institute
Margaret Earley Sociology
Julia T Thomas Sociology
Liam Kruger English Literature
Anna Meier Political Science
Colin Keating Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Alicia Barceinas Cruz Nelson Institute
Nicole Bennett English
Chiara Packard Sociology
Kendra Nervik Sociology
Jules Reynolds Nelson Institute
Mary Spraggs Nelson Institute
Leah Foltman Sociology
Sarah Farr Sociology
Kelsey Wright Sociology
Wendy Li Sociology
Youbin Sociology
Katie Zaman Sociology
Ben Iuliano Integrative Biology
maria azocar Sociology
Taylor Tai Integrative Biology & Entomology
Kelly Nelson Communication Arts
Lefeng Frank Lin Sociology
Alexandra Melnikova German, Nordic, and Slavic
Cecil Leigh Wilson German, Nordic, and Slavic
Anna Skye Harnsberger Entomology
Josiah Jacobsen-Grocott Mathematics
Kayci Harris History
Caroline Hensley English
Sean Bishop English staff
Lindsay Ehrisman History
Jess Draws Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS) staff
Mikki Liu Sociology
Alexis Econie Sociology
Kate Turner History
Sadie Dempsey Sociology
Frankie Sociology
Julie Goodwin Sociology
Siying Fu Sociology
Ellen Samuels English faculty
Adria E Brooks Electrical and Computer Engineering
Svea Larson History
Dustin Cohan History
Maksim Hanukai German, Nordic, and Slavic faculty
Amy Vatne Bintliff Educational Psychology
Anna Pederson Counseling Psychology
Brigitte Fielder Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies faculty
Jonathan Senchyne iSchool faculty
James Meadows Educational Policy Studies
Matt Minich JMC
Kan Wu Computer Sciences
Clare Michaud iSchool
Elena Milkai Computer Sciences
Morgan Witte iSchool
Jessica Behrman iSchool
Kevin Gaffney Computer Sciences
Matthew Dutson Computer Sciences
Anthony Zhang Computer Sciences
Joy Block History
SALIHA SELMAN Human Development & Family Studies
Alex Sharfman iSchool
Ben Bruce Mathematics
David Wagner Mathematics
Brandon Boggess Mathematics
Miles Wilkerson History
Rachel Dyer Counseling Psychology
Jillian Marie Jacklin History
Zach Rewinski German, Nordic, and Slavic
Patrick Nicodemus Mathematics
Keegan Smith-Nichols iSchool
Brandy E Wilcox German, Nordic, and Slavic
Yiling Zhang School of Human Ecology
Ethan Beihl Curriculum and Instruction
Ezra Gerard History
Carson Fish German, Nordic, and Slavic
Brian Kilgour German, Nordic, and Slavic
Alexi Brooks Computer Sciences
Bhumesh Kumar Electrical and Computer Engineering
Owen Levin Computer Sciences
Swapnil Haria Computer Sciences
Xiating Ouyang Computer Sciences
Nalan Erbil German, Nordic, and Slavic faculty
Mary Terrier English
Robert Christl History
Courtney Deisch Sociology
Sarah Jensen Sociology
Peter Ramand Sociology
Dominique English and Business
Robert Collins English
Ryan Holley English
Ellie Hayden English
Emma Binder English
Sara Thomas English
Katy Prottengeier English
Iseult Gillespie English
Amihan Huesmann Physics stafff
Anthony Flynn Counseling Psychology
Jason Turner Mathematics
Tori Yonker English
Stephanie Zalewski iSchool
Kent Emerson iSchool
Lisa Mulcahy Wood iSchool
Mengtong Li iSchool
Kaitlynn Gipson iSchool
Lolo Killingsworth iSchool
Alexis Paperman iSchool
Emily Sample iSchool
Celia Egghart iSchool
Jessica Madey iSchool
Katie Killian iSchool
Katarina Klafka iSchool
Mia Imperl iSchool
Hannah Klapperich-Mueller iSchool
Susannah Gilbert iSchool
Philip Romero-Masters iSchool
Emma Prendergast Philosophy
Jeff Duke iSchool
Ashley Thronson iSchool
Kristen Whitson iSchool
Jesse Hocking iSchool
Askar Afshar iSchool
Hayley Severson iSchool
Eric Ely iSchool
Alejandro Azocar ESL/English faculty
Shauna Crowther ESL/English faculty
Thulani Davis Afro Am faculty
Katelyn iSchool
Taylor Aberasturi iSchool
Angel Bai iSchool
Pip Waldmeir iSchool
Rachel Lavender iSchool
Joey Taylor iSchool
Jill Kambs iSchool
Catherine Marotta English
Kathleen Daly English
Annaliese Grant Sociology
Gryffin Journalism
Pratyush Mahapatra Computer Sciences
Richard Ness English
Angela Boyd English
Nikhil Tiwari Curriculum and Instruction
Laura Livingston Nelson Institute
Erin Faigin History
Emi Frerichs Spanish & Portuguese
Mike King Sociology
Madeleine Pape Sociology
Molly Clark-Barol Human Ecology
Zetong Qi Computer Sciences
Somya Arora Computer Sciences
Steven Wang Journalism
Martina Kunovic Sociology
Cora Allen-Coleman Statistics
Jungmyung Kim Sociology
Adam Szetela Sociology
Chloe Haimson Sociology
Caroline Hardin Curriculum & Instruction / CS
Trisha Chanda Consumer Sciences
Apoorv Saraogee Chemical and Biological Engineering
Alejandra Canales Neuroscience
Miriam Barcus Sociology
Lily Z Shell English
Jason Lee Social Work staff
Katherine Deaven Philosophy
Dylan Beschoner Philosophy
Devin Judge-Lord Political Science
Amanda Spiewak Chemistry
Aaryn M. Smith Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies
Sujeong Shim political science
Taylor Fields Neuroscience Training Program
Francisco Ley Astronomy
Mason Johnson Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Mun Yuk Chin Counseling Psychology
Alice Main History
Ceri Hughes Journalism and Mass Communication
Morgan Robinson Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Pa Her Counseling Psychology
Danya Al-Saleh Geography
Andrew Thomas English
Eleni Schirmer Educational Policy Studies
Laura Lawler Geography
Matthew Zinsli Sociology, Development
Thomas Worth Political Science
Anne Jamison political science
Stephen Dennison Electrical and Computer Engineering
Collin Bernard History
John Bennett Communication Arts
Meghan Jenkins Morales Social Work
Victoria Frank Social Work
Larisa Doroshenko Communication Arts
Jessica Cozart Counseling Psychology
Alex Hayes Statistics
Megan Zahay Communication Arts
Laura Judge Agronomy
Aaron Lopez Astronomy
Logan Jones Astronomy
Shereen Yousuf Communication Arts
Hanna McIntosh Entomology
Victoria Lason Entomology
Elizabeth McNamee Agronomy
Carlos Martin-Cabrera Spanish & Portuguese
Keo Corak Horticulture
Nancy Herrera Counseling Psychology
Jiangjiang Wu Anthropology
Aijie Shi History
Julia Lindberg Electrical and Computer Engineering
Xinrong Zhu Economics
Nathaniel Haack La Follette School of Public Affairs
Tim Polom Mechanical engineering
Ana Hidalgo Spanish & Portuguese
Seth McElhinney Electrical and Computer Engineering
Patricia Ruiz-Rivera Comparative Literature
Jamie Bugel Agronomy
Jennifer Estes Anthropology
TJ Hinds Letters and Science
Nathan Shelton Sociology
Ben Power Political Science
Pablo Castro Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kiley McLean Social Work
Alyssa Franze GNS staff
Jingcheng Xu Statistics
Marissa Abbott Social Work
Matt Hetherington Entomology
Rachelle Wilson Spanish and Portuguese
Guru Subramani Mechanical engineering
Micah Faidley Human Development and Family Studies
Micah Detweiler Music
Huixian Li Sociology
Hayden Eric Godfrey Scandinavian Studies
James Schneider Nuclear Engineering Engineering Physics
Joshua Kelly English
Thomas Huffmaster UW Marching Band
Anthony Crespo Atmospheric and Oceanic Department
Sarah Odell Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
ARVEEN KAUR School of Pharmacy
Amato Nocera Educational Policy Studies
Jeremy Manheim Asian Languages & Cultures
Alex Kazer Agroecology
Helen Miesner Educational policy studies
Sergio Domínguez Jr. Counseling Psychology
Kruthika Kamath School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Michel Alexis Mathematics
Raghu Ramesh Veterinary Medicine
Dylan Kaufman-Obstler History
Stephanie M Campbell Educational Psychology
Keith McNamara Educational Policy Studies/History
Eva Gabriella Flynn Art
Rachelle Turnier Geoscience
Yuqun Zhou Industrial and Systems Engineering
Daniel Franke Mechanical Engineering
Karen Hill Agroecology
Tania Kolarik Art History
Pearly Wong Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Isidora Miranda Musicology
Tyler Hoecker Integrative Biology
Margarita Orozco Journalism and Mass Comm
Lauren Lucas Bacteriology
Rob DeMeuse Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Anna Gebarski English
Nicole Karwowski Agricultural and Applied Econ
Eileen Lynch Comparative Biosciences
Hans Smith Medical Microbiology and Immunology
M. Isabel Martín Sánchez Spanish and Portuguese
Niudun Wang Mathematics
Chuanhong Liu Physics
Ruiqi Geng Medical Physics
Maureen T Mauk Communication
Kai Hillman Microbio Doctoral Training Program
Gabrielle Kelenyi English
VAIBHAV ANAND Business School
Chenyu Zhang Materials Science and Engineering
Gabrielle Hernandez Educational Policy Studies
Enkhzaya enkhtaivan Mathematics
Theresa Maria Watts nursing
Juniper Lewis Cultural Anthropology
Lydia M Hartlaub Law School
Jorge Hernandez-Lasa Spanish and Portuguese
Rebecca Kuske ISchool
Sarah Dance Environmental Chemistry and Technology
Eu Shu Tian Physics
Xinyi Wang School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Hao Zeng Mechanical Engineering
Michael Toole Asian Languages and Cultures
JIE YIN LIM Department of Bacteriology
Sofia Kozidis Wildlife Ecology
Alayna OBY Counseling Psychology
Lea Matschke Pathobiological Sciences
Laura Schumacher Communication Arts
Mary Dueñas Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Matthew Vivirito Art Department - School of Education
Jeanne Li Statistics
Alianna Boszhardt iSchool
Ashleigh Grendziak Human Development and Family Studies
Buzz Rankouhi Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Keller Population Health Sciences
Michael Wolfe Physics
Landon Falke Integrative Biology
Sarah Brailey School of Music
Khine Thant Su History
Yangtian Luo ALC
Kerrie Fanning Human Development and Family Studies
Ethan McLeod SMPH
Lauren Scanlon iSchool
Josephine Lukito SJMC
Mary Strand Executive MBA Program
Louisa Ehrlich ELPA
Areli Estrada School of Human Ecology
Brooke Roothaan Library & Info Sci
Anna R. Oltman Political Science
Nicole Isaacs iSchool
Ethan Parrish Geoscience
Ruby Sociology
Angela Meadows Letters & Science - iSchool
Shelby Devitt The Information School
Tuan Pham Physics
Ahmed Hembel ECE
Stephen Zorn Political Science, former UW TA/TAA president
Willow Wallis Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Daniel Lassman Planning and Landscape Architecture
Malú Machuca Rose Gender and Women's Studies
Mollie Gossage Anthropology
Caitlin Brecklin Education Policy Studies
Collin Roland Geoscience
John Binzak Educational Psychology
John Koban English
Jane Ellmann School of Social Work
Jac wypler Soc
Taylor Laemmli Sociology
Amy Jones Sociology
Brooke Bembeneck Agroecology
Lily Hislop Agronomy
nathaniel schleif agronomy
E Auden Krauska Statistics
Christopher Bosma Civil and Environmental Engineering
Chris Holmes Sociology
Trang Diem Tran ALC
Xinzhi Zhao Political Science
June Jeon Sociology
Adam Lieberman German, Nordic, and Slavic
Bi Cheng Wu Statistics
JJ Bersch Communication Arts
Anna Fetter Counseling Psychology
Edward Frame Educational Policy Studies
Richelle German, Nordic, and Slavic
Kyle Cushman Human Ecology
Zach Pace Astronomy
Jodi Greig GNS Faculty
Sarah Alexander Civil Engineering
Holly Cho Integrative Biology
Andrew Barrow English
Jess Howsam Scholl Polisci
Barbara Decre Nelson Institute
Aida Arosoaie Cultural Anthropology
Paula Palma Nelson Institute
Michael Jones Community member
Joe Holwell History
Philip Cerepak History
Michael Kaelin History
Chloe Santiago Community member
Anna Landry School of Nursing
Mike Malloy Law School
Kelsey Huisman Department of Botany
Preston Huft Physics
Margaret Fortman Physics
Calli Anibas Agronomy
Kaija Goodman Botany
Angel Chukwu Mechanical Engineering
Patrick K Monari Psychology
Felix Bunke Wisconsin Historical Society
Chad Alan Goldberg Sociology faculty
Bridget McFarland Agronomy
Nishanth ECE
Kaan Jittiang Sociology
W. Nathan Green Geography
Caitlin Beduhn Spanish & Portuguese
Emily Bouza English
Jenny Braunginn Social Work faculty
Sara Krauskopf Curriculum and Instruction
judith Detert-Moriarty Sr. Audit
Nicholas Reed Chemistry
Janaina Saad Sociology
Carlos Ortiz Spanish and Portuguese
Brooke Travis community member
Benjamin Harpt Physics
Marybeth McGinnis community member
Tina Trevino-Murphy Comparative Literature & Folklore Studies
Julia Garrett English
Sam Ranabhat Religious Studies
Ashley Osteen Social Work
Wing Ng Counseling Psychology
Hannah V. Eldridge German, Nordic, and Slavic
Catriona Miller History
Gloria M. Spanish and Portuguese
Celia Crifasi History
Sarah Parbs Pharmacy
Andrew Pearson Kinesiology
Elisha Smith School of Nursing
Kathleen Cawley English
Kendra Greendeer Art History
Ola English
Yunyi Shen Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Hridindu Roychowdhury Biochemistry
Emily Mixon Geoscience
Brian Lepine Journalism and Mass Communication
Ligia Moreira Animal Sciences
Jialiang Zhang ECE
Kaitlin Moore English
Jane Benzschawel Social Work
Peter Meyer Mechanical Engineering
Suraj Suri ECE
Nona Gronert Sociology
Kennia Leonely Coronado Political Science
Benjamin Hall Genetics
Alexandra Valencia Villa Geoscience
Camille Bishop Chemistry
Ximing Che Botany
Esteban J. Quiñones Agricultural and Applied Economics
Bailey Murphy Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
Jeff Tischauser Wisconsin School of Business, staff
Cyra Polizzi Gender & Women's Studies
Mary Hannah Swaney Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Julia Schlosser
Benjamin Bruck Geoscience
April MacIntyre Plant Pathology
Conrad Allen History
Susana Calle Castaneda Cellular and Molecular Biology
Aaditya Chandrasekhar Mechanical engineering
Sarah Osborn Public Affairs
Megan McCaghey Plant Pathology
Amelia Ann Berendt Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Luwei Wang Asian Languages and Cultures
Lena Batt Educational Policy Studies - SOE
Yunlei Liang Geography
Ilianna Anise Integrative Biology
Christian Keeve Geography
Juan Camilo David Gomez Industrial engineering
Justin Walker Physics
Sebastian Alejandro Alvarez Avendano Industrial engineering
Alex Chew Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Jose Luis Garrido Rivera SLA
Parthy Schachter English
Marcus Cederstrom German, Nordic, and Slavic
Gabriela Oliveira WNPRC
Trent Claybaugh Agricultural & Applied Economics
britney washington Biomedical emgineering
Daniel Besinaiz Urban and regional planning
Monica Quezada Agroecology
Alex Jeffers Dept of planning and landscape architecture
Matt Frater DPLA
Rachel Byington Civil Society and Community Studies
Eli Larson Chemistry
Rachel Byington Civil Society and Community Studies
Fernando R. Moreira CBMS-School of Veterinary Medicine
Yongzhe Mathematics
Katie McCabe RPSE
Son Tu Mathematics
Sun Woo Park Mathematics
Colin Crowley Math
Soumya Sankar Mathematics
Rebecca Eastham Mathematics
Anna Paretskaya Sociology staff
Parvathi Madathil Kooloth Mathematics
Yandi Wu Math
Caitlyn Booms Mathematics
Michael Spoerl Mathemathics
Nathan Stevens Geoscience
Nitesh Arora Mechanical engineering
Sheamus Johnson Nelson Institute and Anthropology
Liding Yao Mathematics
Evan D Flietner Cellular and Molecular Pathology
Wangnan Zhong ECE
Isaac Lee History
Piyush Gade Economics
Nicole Egan Social Work major
Lin Li History
Elizabeth Kunze Social Work
David Chambers Geography
Asmita Pal ECE
Andrew McWard Political Science
Aaron Bibb Law
Rebecca Salamon Genetics
Raisa Nuñez Genetics
Daniel Osorio Méndez Genetics
Harrison Pantera Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Program
Jesse Benn School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Maria C. Angulo Political Science
Rosa Mejia Sanchez Cellular and Molecular Biology
Erik Flom Engineering Physics
Eli Towle Industrial and Systems Engineering
Eva Elduque Mathematics
Alexandra Rose Delmore Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics
Eda Zhang Curriculum and Instructions
Gordon West SLA
Saman Cyrus Electrical and Computer engineering
Gregory Nirshberg Philosophy
christopher d Noble Engineering physics
Jess Mullen Curriculum and Instruction
Melissa Morris Astronomy
Erik Franze Environmental Studies
Sina Soleimanikahnoj Electrical and Computer
Eric DuBois Industrial and Systems Engineering
Zhijie Wu Chemistry
Natalia Spitha Chemistry
Alireza Aghayee Materials science
Tracy Campbell Agronomy
Lawrence C Werner Ibio
Khuram Zaman Entomology
Kallista Bley Geography
Amy Gaeta English
Lauren Ayers History
Joe Salmons Language Sciences faculty
Irène Tombo Political Science
Mallory VanMeeter Civil Society and Community Research
Prerna Rana Civil Society and Community Studies
Morgan Smallwood School of human ecology
Emad Sadeghi Electrical and Computer Engineering
Soroosh Khoram ECE
Ramin Civil Engineering
Drew Joseph Curriculum & Instruction
Timothy Fish Civil Society & Community Studies
Andrew Nine Astronomy
Evan Moss Curriculum & Instruction
Lily Shell Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies
monique de souza spanish and portuguese
Giosue Alagna Spanish and Portuguese
Jacob Druker community member
Matt Cousin, undergrad
Peter McGrain community member
Caleb Stevens community member
Teddy Shibabaw Community member
Barret Elward Nuclear Engineering
Lucas Onder Genetics
Kathleen Miller Kinesiology
Michael Bell Community and Environmental Sociology
Dean Krouk German, Nordic, and Slavic
Morgan Talkington Sociology
Dan Stevens community member
erica curriculum and instruction
Changkeun Oh Mathematics
Aimee Glassel Libraries
Patrick Heck CIMSS staff
Caitlin Warlick-Short Neuroscience
Dijana Mitrovic Slavic staff
Mikko Utevsky School of Music (L&S) staff
Liz Premo School of Social Work
Katherine Parrish Chemistry
Caroline Lierl Nelson Institute
Juan Qian Political Science
Delaney sociology
Ralph Trane Statistics
Yen Lee Educational Psychology
Yue Gao Statistics
J.S. Loarca Horticulture
Bryan O'Reilly Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
Manjusha Kancharla Statistics
Brian Hamilton History
Nicholas R. Zeller History
Sharad Chandarana Mathematics staff
Sami Schalk Gender & Women’s Studies faculty
Nataly Ibarra Counseling Psychology
Zhihan Guo Computer Sciences
Nicholas Montalbano Statistics
Madison Blaydes Counseling Psychology
Rachel Johnson Biological Systems Engineering
Jimena González Physics
Genesie Miller Asian Languages and Cultures
Rebecca Bedell English
Yinka English
Rachel Litchman Sociology
James Oregon Gutsch Education
Anne Manero-Alvarez Spanish and Portuguese
Alicia Iverson Geography
Elliot Vaughan Geography
Sabrina Manero English
Kevin Kristensen Mathematics
Thomas Kivi History
Cori Simon History
Kassi Crocker Genetics
Kate Bakhuizen Rehabilitation Psychology & Special Education
Anna Campbell Gender & Women's Studies faculty
Oindrila Chattopadhyay History
Nkoyo R Edoho-Eket Asian Languages and Cultures
Amanda Rose Pratt English
Vipulya Chari Communication Arts
LIsa de Sousa Dias Political Science
Laura Marshall Language Institute staff
Fred Song Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jillian Bodden School of Nursing
Caroline Jackson History Department
Yue Li Economics
Joel Ballivian Philosophy
Brittany Isidore Agroecology
Meryem Keskin Philosophy
Rachel Rosenfeld Sociology
rachel schindler Agroecology/Horticulture
Julia Anderle de Sylor German Nordic and Slavic
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