Here is my very Californian Self-discovery exercise for you.

Let your gut tell you instinctively - YES! NOOOO! ( I DON’T KNOW or MAYBE are ok to answer too!)

Be totally honest with yourself - there are a lot of questions and you will find what will sing to you :)

Answer EVERY question mark not just each line.

So what I ask every intern first is…

What do you love to do?

And the way I define how to know what you love, is by telling me where does time fly for you? (This is very win-win, because I find people work for the charity 24/7 if I tap into what they love to do :)
And what you don’t love, is where time drags for you.

Do you love to be outdoors? *
Do you love plants? Gardening? *
Do you love animals? *
Do you love working with your hands? (metal? wood? building exhibits?) *
Do you love to talk to people? Give tours? Reception? *
Do you love to do research on your own? (current programs, new programs) *
Do you love to write? (web content, exhibit blurbs, hand outs, press releases, video scripts, reports, flyers…) *
Do you love working on group projects? *
Do you love to delegate? Help other people find what to do? *
Do you love owning a project A-Z by yourself? *
Do you love sales? Gift shop? Purchasing for exhibits? *
Do you love math? Numbers? Accounting? Bookkeeping? *
Do you love organizing? Filing? Setting up systems? *
Do you love to draw or design? Photoshop? Illustrator? *
Do you love computers? (love coding? designing web pages? browsing websites? reading articles? watching videos?) *
Do you have a lot of ideas? (love brainstorming? love expanding current programs and projects?) *
Do you love implementing? (taking yours and / or other people's ideas and materializing them / manifesting / engineering / producing / completing the final product?) *
Do you love to be a critic? (make corrections? proofread? make suggestions to web pages, exhibits, systems, programs?) *
Do you love playing games? (How about designing interactive games for visitors?) *
Do you love working with kids? *
Do you love having custodianship? Cleaning? Tidying? Organizing? Caring for your space? An entire space? Are you protective? Aware of your surroundings? *
Do you love when people have respect for a physical space or exhibit? (Do you love to ensure that others respect a space so everyone can enjoy it?) *
Do you love when everyone knows and does their job or their part? (Would you be more likely to point out when someone has not done a little thing that is part of their job? Or do you naturally keep busy and do things for other people, if they are easy to do?) *
Do you love filmmaking? (How about making French / English video vlogs about our Eco-Industrial Hub, Eco-Home, Edible Garden, Clean Air, Water, Energy, Ideal Materials?) *
Do you love money? Fundraising? Grant writing? (Would you like to work on that team?) *
Do you love science? Physics? Chemistry? (Would you like to work on our What is Energy? and Ideal Materials exhibits and games for the Eco-Hub?) *
Do you love Earth sciences? Natural cycles? Soil, Compost? Food? Water? (Would you like to work on those exhibits at the Eco-Home?) *
Do you love figuring out people? Understanding society? Social sciences? Community organizing? (Would you like to work on the Eco-Home projects: 1) "Mind, Body and Soil” 2) “Self, Family & Friends, Block, Neighborhood, Town, Country, Global - Community” 3) *
Do you love listening to people? Learning about people? Interviewing people? Coordinating people? (Personnel - Human Resources?) *
Do you love teaching? Learning? Discussing? (lecturing? panels? roundtables?) *
Do you love BIG projects with GLOBAL scope? (also safe, distant, impersonal, impactful, inspirational) *
Do you love personal, face to face, one-on-one, small populations, boots on the ground, field projects (usually intense, invested, inspirational, draining physically and emotionally, soul rewarding)? *
Do you love learning high tech from experts? (Watching an keynote? A spaceX landing etc?) *
Do you love learning low-tech skills from experts? (welders? metal workers? wood workers? clean stoves? air filtration? green energy? water filtration? plastics reuse? recycling? painters? artists? construction? farming? repairing? sewing? textiles? cooking? furniture? chemistry eco-material testing?) *
Do you love the idea of being well rounded? Life not all about work? Appreciating all life has to offer? Renaissance? Jack of all trades? Having a Joie de vivre (love of life)? *
Do you love being focused? Driven? Obsessed? Work-a-holic? Sometimes? Most of the time? *
Do you love feeling proud? (proud of yourself? proud of others? proud of a job well done? proud of a name of school? nationality? company? a team? connection to something of fame or notable? proud of expertise? proud of excellence? Excellence no matter in what field?) *
Do you love hearing about others doing… (or doing something yourself) that is extra, out of the ordinary? (Heroic? Selfless? Good deeds? Something incredible? Something scary? Brave?) *
What is your full name? *
Your answer
Okay you're done!
Interesting exercise, right?
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