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Thank you for your interest! Please be sure to read all the information within this form, including information that's linked, before submitting your order. All the information is crucial!

Once this form is closed, I will be going through each individual submission and picking which commissions I'll be doing this round. Please be patient as I contact those I pick to discuss and confirm pricing. After that, I'll either send you an invoice through paypal, or send you my cashapp for payment.

If ordering more than one commission, please fill out the form for each individual commission separately. I may not pick both of your commissions if I have limited slots, just to save space for others, but please feel free to submit orders for multiple commissions (if you intend to buy each one that is).

Artistic liberty: When giving me artistic liberty for customs, please at least give me a species and a general theme to work off of. I struggle doing full artistic liberty for designs because I get overwhelmed by trying to make something you'll like.

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Social medias I accept for communication:
Preffered: Discord
Other: Email, Twitter, Telegram

I will contact you on whichever social media you link me if I accept your commission! Please keep an eye out!

What is your preferred method of communication? (Example: Honey-Beest - Twitter, Honeybeest#0000 - Discord, etc.) Please read above to see what methods I accept! *
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