St Laurence - Prayer Request Form
This form is intended to allow anyone in the Appleton & Besselsleigh Parish (primarily) who, during the COVID-91 pandemic, would value prayer for anything that is on their hearts.

The form is used to populate a 'Prayer Requests' document -

This can be used by anyone who is seeking inspiration for prayer during this time and, in particular, anyone who wants to pray for the specific needs within the Parish, as well as further afield.

'The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him…' Nahum 1:7

Stuart Gibson
Churchwarden, St Laurence
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By categorising prayer requests, it helps those who wish to prayer more specifically.
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It would be great to know who we're praying for but please feel free to leave this field blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
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Please enter your prayer request below. A request will be limited to 200 characters.
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