RCDSB eLearning 2018 Summer School Registration for Out-of-Board Students
Full credit reach-ahead eLearning courses will run July 3rd - August 3rd. Students may take only ONE course during the Summer School session.

Online courses are facilitated by teachers who set the pace of the course. Students are expected to log into their online course every weekday for the duration of the summer term and to meet course timelines. Students will need to be available for summative evaluations and final exams (if necessary) and should plan to be residing locally (or at least in the same time zone) for the duration of their summer school course. We recommend that students schedule vacations, travel, employment, etc. outside the July 3 - August 3 Summer School time period. Please plan your schedules accordingly!

Final examinations must be proctored. Securing an appropriate proctor is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and further details will be provided.

Students taking an online course will be enrolled into an orientation component prior to the start of the course to be completed on the first day. Once completed, the course content will be visible.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with a teacher, virtually, for additional assistance as needed.


All students must be recommended for admission by the Principal and/or Vice Principal and/or Guidance Counselor of their regular day school. All information fields must be completed and duly signed prior to registration being finalized.

All classes are conditional based upon sufficient enrollment and are subject to cancellation. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.


1. Fill in as much of the information as you know.

Please note: The parent and student email addresses that you enter on this form are the only email addresses that will be used for registration and course information as well as communication during the eLearning course. Gmail is preferred.

2. Submit the form.

3. Print the email form that we send back to you.

4. A parent/guardian and the student must sign/date the form.

5. Bring (or scan and email) the form to your child's home school..

6. The home school will complete any missing information, sign and date the form and then fax it back to the RCDSB's Continuing Education Department at 613-735-3219 by JUNE 15, 2018, to complete your registration request.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Kyte, Continuing Education Principal, at kytec@rcdsb.on.ca or the eLearning Registrar at elearningregistrar@rcdsb.on.ca

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Home School Guidance Contact Information
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