Service Endpoint Types - Survey
The Glossary Group has decided on a next project to serve the ecosystem. Our goal is to promote interoperability and adoption of SSI through consensus on valuable definitions. Service endpoints are a common feature of DIDs and DID Documents and we are exploring these as potential definitions.
Initially proposed service endpoint types

1 - No service endpoint, for example, did:key, a method whose DIDs take no endpoints.

2 - A Mediator endpoint is identical across numerous DIDs and DID documents in order to promote herd privacy. For example, the Aries community has a definition.

3 - A Notification endpoint enables routing but does not imply long term storage. Note: notification includes acknowledgements and errors, not necessarily bidirectional or human-readable messaging.

4 - An Authorization endpoint refers to a policy decision point which mediates an access request relative to the policies of a DID controller.

5 - A Resource endpoint refers to a policy enforcement point for storage secured on behalf of the DID controller or subject.
Do you agree with the wording of the above definitions - if no please put in adjustments you would make to describe these end point types.
Please rank the importance of these service end points to interoperability and adoption. *
5=Essential to 1=Not important at all
No service endpoint
Mediator endpoint
Notification endpoint
Authorization endpoint
Resource endpoint
Other service endpoint type that should be defined
Other service endpoint type that should be defined
Other service endpoint type that should be defined
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